2000 Tasks
2nd Quarter Learning to TIG weld with Lincoln Square Wave 175 TIG welder
3rd Quarter Starting to design short fuselage, tubing purchase list, building a table
4th Quarter Finished table, got laser cut parts from Kimballs, bottom ladder layout, welding longerons
1st Quarter Built rudder and brake pedals, both fuselage ladders tack welded, engine mount, ladders joined, bought Kimball HP wing kit
2nd Quarter Fuselage basic truss completed and tack welded, set landing gear bushings, got wing kit from Seattle and started finish welding of joints using weld sequence
3rd Quarter Finish welding of joints using weld sequence, tail feather hinges, build fin and rudder
4th Quarter Building stabilizer, elevator and trim tab system, cabane jigs, torque tube and control sticks, elevator idlers and brackets
1st Quarter M14P engine, elevator pushrods and idlers, sticks, battery tray, seats, welding cabane fittings
2nd Quarter Welding cabane fittings, made lower wing fitting jig, installed lower wing fittings,flying wire lugs, rudder pedal mount tubes, rudder pedal hinge bushings
3rd Quarter Installing various tabs and brackets on fuselage: master cylinder mounts, throttle prop controls, heel trays
4th Quarter Canopy bushings, windshield hoop stub tubes, canopy hinge and latch blocks with Kimball canopy jig
1st Quarter Fuselage sheetmetal, windshield
2nd Quarter More sheetmetal
3rd Quarter Turtledeck mounted and fin fairing
4th Quarter Fuselage stringers, main gear spring
1st Quarter Tank bushings, cable fairleads
2nd Quarter Fuslage tabs, seat bottoms / backs
3rd Quarter Harness attach points
4th Quarter Front seat blocks, quadrant slave rods
1st Quarter Throttle/prop cable plate
2nd Quarter Rear instrument panel design, and forming
4th Quarter GPS mounting bracket, instrument holes cut
1st Quarter Seatbox plans, canopy strut, EIS modified
2nd Quarter Front instrument panel, instrument cutouts
3rd Quarter Airvents modded, fire bottles mounted
4th Quarter Cockpit side console, wiring channel
1st Quarter Seatbox frame, paintball start system
2nd Quarter Pball mount, new battery tray, machines
3rd Quarter Fuselage step, mixture control bushing
3rd Quarter Rudder pedal slave rods, engine stand
4th Quarter Motor mount powdercoated
1st Quarter Engine on stand, seatbox drawer,Paintball system
2nd Quarter Paintball system redesign, machining parts
3rd Quarter Making more Paintball parts
4th Quarter Paintball,Rudder / Fin Modified, POWDERCOATING THE FUSELAGE!!
2nd Quarter Canopy bushing fit
1st Quarter Setting up for top wing
2nd Quarter Top Spars Spliced
1st Quarter Fitting Top Wing Ribs
2nd Quarter Top Wing doublers and ribs
3rd Quarter Top Wing center section squared up and skin installed
4th Quarter Top Wing compression ribs glued & drag/antidrag Wires
1st Quarter Top Wing blocking, center section bow, tip rails
2nd Quarter Top Wing center tank cover and skin, center leading edge
3rd Quarter Top Wing leading edges
4th Quarter Top Wing trailing edges, started top wing rotator
2nd Quarter Finished top wing rotator, resumed work on top wing
3rd Quarter Filling and sanding wing before varnish