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07/09/02 - 1.0
Located and tack welded the master cylinder brackets in, see the drawing to the right for the angle I used. Also note that the brackets supplied by Kevin in his laser cut package are traditional Pitts type brackets, which are different than plans. Also crated up the lower wing fitting jig to send off to Monty Barrett at Barrett Precision Engines This jig is available to other builders, just contact me to make arrangements.

020703_000428.jpg 020709MasterCylMountDwg.gif 020709TackingMasterCylMounts.jpg

07/11/02 - 1.2
Cut a bunch of cable fairlead tubes over at Kens lathe. I used 7/8 x .049 tube cut to 3/4"long.
07/27/02 - 1.0
Deburred fairlead tubes.
07/28/02 - 1.3
Relearned how to do sheet metal layout, and drew up plans for the Heel Trays.


07/30/02 - 0.7
Cut and deburred the four heel tray sheets.
08/14/02 - 1.0
Not much work lately, been goofin around with the family, hey its summer! Managed to make it over to Kens and he bent the heel trays up for me on the power brake.


08/17/02 - 0.8
Starting to figure out where all those tabs go on the fuselage. In anticipation of some tab welding, I modified an Exacto extra hands tool to hold tabs on the fuselage so I can weld them on.

020817_173112.jpg 020817_173249.jpg 020817TabHolder.jpg

08/28/02 - 1.5
Did a little messing around with the fuel selector valve and figuring out how the extension rod attaches. Welded the disks on the bushings for the quadrants. See DRAWING Then welded the center bushings on the fuselage using the aluminum quadrant plates to locate them. Note that the Kimball laser cut plates I'm using are identical front & rear, thus the aft bushings go above the diagonal tube, and the forward bushings go under the diagonal tube. I then used the rudder pedal adjust plates to space the next bushing exactly 2" up the tube.

020824_202750.jpg 020824_202843.jpg 020828_165844.jpg 020828_165949.jpg 020828JiggingSecondBushing.jpg 020828ReadyTackAftPlateBushing.jpg 020828ReadyTackForwardPlateBushing.jpg 020828ThrotPropBushings.jpg

08/29/02 - 2.7
Welded the bushing for the trim handle. Welded the 2 tabs for each cover plate at the top longeron. Tack welded the threaded tubes onto the throttle & prop levers.

020829_082310.jpg 020829JiggingTrimHandleBushing.jpg 020829TackingThrottleKnobTube.jpg 020829ThrottlePlateTabWelded.jpg

08/31/02 - 0.8
Located and marked the positions of the tabs for the heel trays, and got 2 of them welded in.
09/01/02 - 1.0
Welded all of the heal tray tabs on the left side.
09/04/02 - 1.7
Welded all of the heel tray tabs on the right, plus the brake hose tabs.

020904BrakeHoseTabWelded.jpg 020904WeldingTabs.jpg

Quarter Total 14.7 hrs / TTD 518.2 hrs
 3RD QTR 2002           •   •   •