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03/15/04 Aileron Control Stop Bushings Install 03/15/04 Aileron Control Stop Bushings Install
03/05/02 Battery Tray Construction 12/09/01 Bearing, Torque Tube Welded to Fuselage
06/29/01 Bearing Cage Assemblies, Making 01/11/03 Belly Formers, Installation
06/29/01 Bearing Cage Assembly Plugs 07/09/02 Brake Master Cyl Lower Mount Tacked
  Bearing Cage Drawing 01/28/04 Brake Master Cyl Lower Mount Final Location
03/25/02 Cabane Fittings Installation 03/01/03 Canopy Hinge Arms Installed
04/01/04 Cabin Heat Handle Plate 11/20/02 Canopy Latch Blocks Welded
  Cable & Fairleads Drawing 02/28/03 Canopy and Pins Adjustment
01/20/04 Cable Fairlead Installation 07/27/01 Cluster Welding Method
07/11/02 Cable Fairlead Tubes Cut 01/22/01 Cool Mist Setup
10/27/02 Canopy Bushing Installation 04/22/03 Cowl Arrives in Crate
10/16/01 Elevator Center Hinge Bracket 10/23/01 Elevator Trim Tube & Bushings
11/12/01 Elevator Construction 01/06/02 Elevator System Assembled For Testing
10/22/01 Elevator Horns Construction 11/10/01 Engine Mount Bushing Threads Stripped
11/28/01 Elevator Aluminum Spacer Block 03/01/01 Engine Mount Jigging Plate
10/26/01 Elevator Trim Horn    
09/24/03 Fin Fairing Fitted 06/03/02 Flying Wire Fittings Installed
04/26/04 Fire Extinguisher System Planning 03/18/04 Fuel Valve Bracket Install
11/04/00 Fishmouth Cutting Guide 03/25/04 Fuel Selector Handle Made
11/14/00 Fishmouth Splices 03/31/04 Fuel Selector Plate Installed
03/25/02 Fittings, Cabane Installation 09/06/01 Fuselage, Checking Alignment After Welding
06/03/02 Fittings, Flying Wire Installation 05/24/01 Fuselage On Gear #1
05/22/02 Fittings, Lower Wing Attach Installation 12/30/03 Fuselage On Gear #2
11/06/01 Fittings, Tail Strut 01/08/03 Fuselage Rotating Stand
04/20/05 Hammerforming, Rear Instrument Panel    
09/17/04 Harness (Seat Belt) Bushings Installed 08/14/02 Heel Trays Constructed
09/22/04 Harness Clamps Installed, Rear 210-80 09/30/01 Hinge Bolt Bushings Welded
09/30/04 Harness Attach Plates, Front 210-109 09/07/01 Hinges, Adjusting V-Block For Tailpost
10/01/04 Harnesses Tested By Kids 09/07/01 Hinges, Welding Rudder & Elevator
  Header Tank Bushing Drawing 01/23/02 Hoist System, Barn
02/26/04 Header Tank Bushing Install 10/03/01 Horizontal Stabilizer Construction
02/27/04 Header Tank Plywood Floor 11/01/01 Horizontal Stabilizer, Setting Incidence
  Heel Tray Drawing    
12/26/01 Idler Brackets Installed   Instrument Panel, Rear, Final Layout Drawing
12/26/01 Idlers, Elevator Control Construction   Instrument Panel, Rear, Hammerform Drawing
02/24/03 Instrument Panel, Front, Locating 01/15/04 Instrument Panel, Rear, Tabs located
   Instrument Panel, Rear, Preliminary Layout Drawing    
03/04/01 Jig Boxes 04/16/02 Jig Construction, Lower Wing Fitting
10/22/02 Jig, Canopy 04/16/02 Jig Drawing, Lower Wing Fitting
10/08/01 Jig Construction, Cabane 03/04/01 Jigging Bottom Ladder Over Top Ladder
11/10/01 Jig Construction, Cabane    
01/18/01 Ladder Construction, Bottom 05/09/01 Landing Gear Bushing Alignment
02/18/01 Ladder Construction, Top 11/08/00 Landing Gear Bushing Holes
06/27/01 Lathe Cut List 12/29/03 Landing Gear Spring Centered on Fuselage
06/27/01 Lathe Cutting All Bushings Etc 12/29/03 Landing Gear Sway Plate Fitting
10/13/00 Laser Cut Parts Arrive 01/25/01 Longerons, Bending
10/15/00 Layout of Bottom Ladder 09/07/01 Longerons, Removing Tuck For Fabric
   Main Tank Bushing Drawing 01/28/04 Master Cylinders, Brake, Lower Mounts
03/04/04 Main Tank Bushing Install 01/18/02 Motor, Acquisition Of
05/08/03 Nutplates, Installation of Hundreds Begins    
04/01/04 Plate, Oil Shutoff Handle 01/01/02 Pushrods, Elevator
01/28/05 Plate, Throttle/Prop Cable Mounting 12/03/01 Pushrods, Trim Tab
  Plate, Throttle/Prop Cable Mounting Drawing    
  Quadrant Bushing Drawing 08/28/02 Quadrant Bushing Installation
12/03/04 Rods, Throttle & Prop Control Slave 01/27/04 Rudder Pedal, Rear, Height Increased
02/18/04 Rudder Cable Length Determination 12/20/00 Rudder Pedal Jigs
09/12/01 Rudder Construction 06/03/02 Rudder Pedal Mounting Tubes
09/09/01 Rudder Horn Welded 10/22/01 Rudder Travel Stop
06/24/02 Rudder Pedal Bushings Installed    
05/06/04 Seat, Wood Backs & Bottoms Made 03/11/03 Sheetmetal, Fuselage Top Fitting
  Seat, Changes Drawing   Sheetmetal Installation Hardware List
01/11/03 Seat, Front Lowered 03/02/03 Sheetmetal, Windshield Fitting
  Seat, Front Lowered Drawing 09/15/04 Shoulder Harness Rear Attach Plates Installed
10/29/04 Seat Rib Hardware 05/23/01 Smithing Longeron Ends to Tailpost
11/03/04 Seat, Front Booster Blocks   Smoke Tank Bushing Drawing
02/20/02 Seat Tubes, Front Bottom Installed 02/10/04 Smoke Tank Bushing Install
02/27/02 Seat Tubes, Front Vertical Installed 12/18/01 Stick, Rear Construction
01/09/02 Seat Tubes, Rear Bottom Installed 01/20/02 Stick, Front Removable Construction
12/19/01 Seat Tubes, Rear Vertical Installed   Stick, Front Removable Drawing
11/24/04 Seat, Wood Backs & Bottoms Varnished 04/12/03 Stringer Standoffs at Aft Side Former
02/17/03 Sheetmetal, Fuselage Bottom Fitting    
02/11/03 Sheetmetal, Fuselage Side Fitting    
08/17/02 Tab Holding Tool 02/13/01 Tailpost Holding Blocks
04/25/04 Tabs, Air Tank Installed 03/12/02 Tailpost Stand Holder
09/04/02 Tabs, Brake Hose Installed 06/08/01 Tailspring, Drilling of
09/01/02 Tabs, Heel Tray Installed 06/09/01 Tailspring Tube Alignment
09/04/00 Table, Building of 16' by 40" 12/07/01 Torque Tube Construction
12/07/02 Table, Building of 8' by 30"   Torque Tube Drawing
10/13/00 Table, Leveling 02/19/04 Trim Cable Length Determination
  Tail Stringer Drawing 08/29/02 Trim Handle Bushing Installed
11/01/03 Tail Stringer Standoffs Installed 08/10/00 Tubing Arrived
11/10/03 Tail Stringers Installed 09/10/03 Turtledeck Fitted
09/28/01 Vertical Fin, Forward Support Structure 03/10/01 Vertical Tubes, Installing Fuselage
09/08/01 Vertical Fin Construction    
  Weld Sequence Diagram 02/24/03 Windshield Installation
05/25/01 Weld Sequence Started 12/13/02 Windshield Stub Post Adjustment
05/05/01 Welding Fuselage Clusters 05/29/01 Wing Kit Brought Down From Seattle
04/29/00 Welds, First Practice 03/25/01 Wing Kit Purchase
09/21/03 Windshield Hoop Screws Threaded    
  05-1 is DONE