My Motor

Serial # KR312020: Purchased January 2002 - The engine is NOS (new old stock) manufactured in 1993, test run then preserved and stored in a crate. The serial number decodes as follows:

K(YA) This is actually a backwards "R"= Russian Engine (Note if RA= Romanian or  KE= Helicopter)
•  1st digit is year of manufacture = 1993
•  2nd digit is quarter of year = 1st quarter
•  3rd digit is series of engine = 2
•  Last 3 digits is number off production line= 020


Pictures from shipping and unloading:

020118PickupMotor1.jpg 020118PickupMotor2.jpg 020123UnloadingMotor1.jpg 020123UnloadingMotor2.jpg CrateDimensions1.jpg CrateDimensions2.jpg CrateDimensions3.jpg P2043981.JPG P2043983.JPG P2043984.JPG P2043985.JPG P2043986.JPG P2043988.JPG P2043990.JPG P2043991.JPG

Sample pages from the logbook. These are the ones I can figure out so far. There are many pages with other things filled out, and lots of pages of signatures. Thanks to my sister-in-law Sveta, for helping me with the translations.

logs01.JPG logs02.JPG logs03.JPG logs04.JPG logs05.JPG logs06.JPG logs07.JPG