Plans Built Ribs

These are some plans ribs built by Cory Tusar.

Note that the ribs for the Kimball HP wing are built in CNC routed jigs and use methods that make construction go much faster than shown here.


Wing Ribs

407.3-1.jpg 407.3-2.jpg 407.3-3.jpg 407.3-4.jpg 407.3-5.jpg 407.6-1.jpg 407.6-2.jpg 407.6-3.jpg 407.jig-1.jpg 407.jig-2.jpg 407.jig-3.jpg 407.jig-4.jpg 407.jig-5.jpg 407.jig-6.jpg

Aileron ribs

402.6-1.jpg 402.6-2.jpg 402.6-3.jpg 402.jig-1.jpg 402.jig-2.jpg 402.jig-3.jpg