Configuration: 9 Cylinders, 620 cu. in. Displacement & 360 HP (400 HP - M14PF)


The Vedeneyev M14P engine is the development of the world famous Vedeneyev Design Bureau in Russia.

engine pic 1

Not only is the M14P one of the world's most powerful aerobatic engines, but it has the highest power to weight ratio of any comparable aircraft engine.


• Very well proven - the basic M14P engine powers several thousand aircraft throughout the world.

• Extremely rugged - versions of this engine power generating sets and are expected to run 20,000 hours at 70 percent before overhaul.

• Supercharged for optimum performance, even at higher altitudes, as well as for better mixture distribution.

• Geared, giving higher effective power from the slow-turning propeller with the additional advantage of less propeller noise.

• Designed from the outset as being aerobatic, with fully inverted carburetor and integral inverted oil system with dry sump and scavenge pumps, giving perfect oil pressure in any attitude.

• Beautifully engineered in the highest quality materials, with such items as roller rocker arms.

• Built-in air starting system.

• Fully automatic altitude and mixture-compensating carburetor.

• Latest strengthened propeller flange will take Western propellers without adapters and the propeller governor comes adjusted for the three-blade MTV-9 propeller.

• Probably the best engine sound in aviation.

• All spares and support readily available.