4TH QTR 2006           •   •   • 
10/01/06 1.6 918.2 Did some work with posterboard, scissors and tape to create a mockup for a side console. I am considering putting switches and circuit breakers there to allow a less cluttered instrument panel. Paper mockup of side console Bottom View
10/09/06 1.5 920.7 More work with the posterboard, this time making a mockup for the wire channel through the front cockpit. Front cockpit wire channel mockup
10/19/06 1.5 920.7 Made a mockup for the wire channel forward of the front cockpit. Forward wire channel cardboard mockup Forward wire channel cardboard mockup
10/31/06 3.0 923.7 Cut the paper patterns and traced them out on some .050" 6061-T6 aluminum sheet. I then went over to Kens and cut the parts out using his shear, band saw and notcher. We then bent them up in his power brake. The aft cockpit channel will be made of three pieces welded together. Patterns traced for cutting Channel parts cut & bent
11/02/06 2.0 925.7 Trimmed and fitted the forward channel, using handshears, a pneumatic nibbler, die grinder and files. Forward channel fitted
11/02/06 2.0 925.7 Trimmed and fitted the forward cockpit channel. I still need need to cut and weld in the missing part on the top forward surface of the channel. Middle channel fitted Lower view of forward channels
11/27/06 2.5 928.2 Trimmed and fitted the three aft cockpit channel parts. I'm not sure if like how the upper piece blocks view of the fuel valve selector area, and I might adjust how that one fits. Aft cockpit channels fitted Upper fit Aft fit Bottom view
12/02/06 3.0 931.2 Did a little more fitting, mostly to adjust the fit of the forward piece, then welded the aft channel parts. Aft channel welded Detail of weld View from below Forward weld
12/12/06 2.0 933.2 Measured and cut the small rectangular section for the forward cockpit channel then welded it in. Did some work trimming the three parts to fit together better. Filler piece fitted Filler welded View forward
12/13/06 2.7 935.9 Located and tack welded the mounting tabs for the channels. Side panels removed for tab installation Tab ready for tack weld
12/14/06 2.7 935.9 Added an extra tab for the forward cockpit channel, then finish welded a couple of the tabs up. Aft cockpit tab welded Front cockpit tabs welded
12/16/06 1.6 937.5 Decided I better add another tab for the aft cockpit channel in case somebody uses it to support their weight getting in or out the cockpit.
12/21/06 2.5 940.0 Finish welded the rest of the tabs on the fuselage. Then spent some time rounding corners and deburring edges of the channels.
QTR TOTAL 28.6  
 4TH QTR 2006           •   •   •