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04/01/04 2.5 743.3 Made another handle plate out of .063 4130 sheet, similar to the laser cut oil shutoff handle plate that comes with Kimball's Laser Cut parts set. The additional plate will hold the cabin heat handle. Welded them both on tube 210-9 below the fuel handle. The oil shut off  will use ACS A-700 (solid end) cable 7ft. long with a red knob and the cabin heat will use the same with a black knob. Cabin heat & oil shutoff handle plates Plates tacked then welded
04/25/04 2.1 745.4 Wow I haven't worked on it for 25 days, how'd that happen?! Anyway, I'm back from SNF where I bought most of the stuff I need for the instruments and radios, so I haven't been totally away from it. I also picked up my cables swaged by Kimballs and also my airtank & valve plate that goes on the firewall. Today, I got out the air tank tabs and oil tank tabs and countersunk the holes for 10-32 nutplates. Tack welded the 4 air tank tabs on the front diagonal tubes using the firewall as a guide. Air & oil tank tabs ready for nutplates Tack welding firewall tabs Tabs tack welded
04/26/04 1.0 745.4 Did some planning for the location of my fire extinguisher system. I'm planning on installing a 5lb Halon bottle and a 7lb Fireade (water/foam AFFF) bottle. I'll probably put the AFFF bottle under the rear seat and the halon under the air tank on the firewall, or maybe both bottles under the seat. Total fire extinguisher systems weight is 15 lb. Testing location for fire bottles
04/28/04 2.4 748.8 Discovered that while the firewall had located the tabs in the right spot, they were off angle just a little. So I cut them loose and retacked them one by one using the aluminum plate used to hold the air bottle and valves. I then welded them up. After that I located and welded in the 2 rear facing tabs for the fuel pump/gascolator plate. Adjusting the angles of the firewall tabs Installing tabs for fuel pump plate
05/06/04 1.5 750.3 Started work on the wood seats. I'm going to use 1/4" Birch 7 ply and 3/4" x 1" spruce reinforcement sticks. Today I measured and cut out the basic rectangular shapes on the table saw. Next I will trim them to fit like the seats shown on my Kimball Visit 3b fuselage image page. Seat boards rough cut
05/07/04 1.0 751.3 Trimmed and sanded to fit all the seat boards except the front seat back at the top. I still need to make room for the shoulder harnesses. See Picture
05/14/04 1.6 752.9 Measured and cut 9 reinforcement sticks for the two seat bottoms and the rear seat back. Reinforcement sticks cut
05/26/04 2.5 755.4 Rounded the corners of the sticks on the sanding wheel, then used my router table to cut radius edges into the sticks. Used some sand paper to fine sand the surfaces that won't get glued. Measured and marked centerlines of the seatboards and sticks, then figured out their spacing on the seat boards. I then put pencil lines on both sides of the seat boards so I could know where to shoot staples in. Glued and stapled the sticks onto the seat boards with T-88. Oreo the cat inspecting my work Sticks glued on
06/07/04 1.5 756.9 I noticed that the seat boards don't sit flat on the side tubes because they are 3/4" while the front seat crossmember is 1" diameter. This isn't a problem at the rear of the seat because the crossmember is smaller at the rear of the seats, 7/8 for the rear seat, and 3/4" for my modified front seat. To allow the seat boards to sit flat on the tubes, I cut some thin tapered shims out of some scrap poplar and glued them to the front seat sides. Front seat side shims epoxied in place Side view of shimmed seat board
06/12/04 0.7 757.6 I glued shims on the sides of the rear seat board to allow it to sit flat. Rear seat shims are longer due to 7/8" diameter rear cross tube
QTR TOTAL 16.8  
 2ND QTR 2004           •   •   •