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08/18/08 2.0 989.9 Cleaned up the garage so I could work again. I want to work on getting the rudder pedals working in the front cockpit. Took off the firewall and installed the rudder. I got out the cables that Kevin had swaged for me awhile back and installed them to the rear pedals. I  found that one of the MS 21259-4RH stud ends would not screw into either of the AN155-32S turnbuckle barrels I had without excessive force using hand tools. It was obviously cutting brass inside the barrel. The other cable's stud worked fine screwing in by hand. It was like the stud threads were too big so I ran a 1/4-28 die down it part way and tested the fit. It would then fit fine in the barrel up to the point I stopped with the die. Wierd. I then decided to run the die all the way down, but the SS stud thrashed my die which then started cutting the points off the threads of the stud on the way back up. So now that cable assy is scrap (way too loose fit now) but can still be used for fitting purposes so I can make the tie rods between the pedals. I'll just have to have another cable assembly made sometime in the future.  Test fitting rudder cables after swaging
08/27/08 1.8 991.7 Worked on making an aluminum form block to make the 510-45 Rudder Pedal Interconnect Rods. Did a quick drawing in autocad and then milled out a block with two slots, one 3/8" wide and deep, the other 9/16" wide and .072" deep. Used a 3/8" ball shaped carbide burr in the mill and made the transition between the rod and the flat area. Cutting the wide slot first Cutting the 3/8 slot First version of block for testing
08/28/08 1.7 992.4 Radiused the transition area out further with a hand file. Went over to Dons and did a test press in his hydraulic press. Took more material out of the form block using a dremel tool until it made nice rod ends as shown. Works great! Test Smash Smashed rod end Formed rod end Final version of block after testing
08/29/08 2.8 995.2 Measured and cut the 4 interconnect rods and then went over to Don's and smashed them. Then came back and put 3/16" holes in two of them for the brakes, and 1/4" holes in the other two for the rudder pedals. The rods were cut to 32.1" and then the holes were centered 0.4" from the ends.
08/30/08 1.0 996.2 Rounded the corners of the 4 interconnect rods then welded up the edges. Rod ends welded
09/05/08 1.5 997.7 Formed a curve in the Rudder Spring Tabs to fit the 210-24 crossmember. I then located then 2.625" inboard from the lower longeron centerline, and at an angle meeting the forward pedal spring attach, then welded them in.  I then installed Century Spring CSC Stock Number 79 springs (.75 OD x 3.5 Between hooks with .062 wire) which were the best fitting springs I could find at my hardware store. They seem to work well. Forming the tab over a scrap of 1.25 diameter tube Using string to set alignment
Tab is 2 5/8 from longeron centerline Rudder pedal with spring
09/19/08 2.5 1000.2 I inherited an old radial engine stand, and decided to modify it to hold my firewall forward / engine package. I used my sawzall to cut the existing structure off it. I bought some 2x2x.1875 wall square tubing to hold the motor mount. I also made 4 bungs to bolt the motor mount to, welded up from a 1/2" section of .75x.12 tubing, 3" of 1/2" steel pipe with a 1/2" course nut welded on the end. Engine stand prior to modifcation Mounting Bung
09/20/08 1.4 1001.6 Cut the top 7/8" hole in one of the engine stand uprights where the bungs will weld in. I first located and drilled 1/4" all the way through the 2" upright. Then using  5/8, 3/4 and finally 7/8 endmills, enlarged the hole on each side of the upright. 
09/21/08 1.4 1003.0 Cut the top hole in the other upright. Dropped the bungs in the top holes and test fitted the fwf/enginemount to see how it looks. I may not use a bung on the bottom holes since they will be loaded in compression only. Although we sometimes get earthquakes, no negative G's for the engine stand are expected!! Base with upright Engine mount, firewall and uprights test fit
09/26/08 4.5 1007.5 Located and milled the holes for the lower bungs that go in at the 6 degree angle. Using the motor mount and the plate I used to jig up the fuselage, I tack welded the bungs into the uprights. I then used an angle grinder to make the bottoms of the uprights fit onto the round tubes of the base. I took off the old worn out wheels and welded new wheels on. Bungs tack welded Bungs tackwelded
Bungs tackwelded Welding on new wheels
09/27/08 8.5 1016.0 Cut and fit two 45's to fit between the uprights and the base. Tack welded them to the uprights. Cut and tackwelded a crossmember across the top of the uprights. Ground the rest of the old tube welds off the base. Welded up the bungs and the 454's at the uprights. Located and tackwelded the upright/45 structure onto the rolling base, then finish welded it. Welded two caps on top of the uprights. Test fit with firewall and motor mount looks good. Ready for sanding and painting. Finish welding Some huge gaps welded
Firewall test fit Engine stand done
QTR TOTAL 29.1  
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