N612PS built by Jed Doggett

The 41st Model 12 to fly on December 6, 2007



Pics from December 2007

071205_225248.jpg 071206_005645.jpg 071206_005650.jpg 071222_132408.jpg 071222_132417.jpg 071222_132532.jpg 071222_132658.jpg 071222_132718.jpg 071222_132844.jpg 071222_132859.jpg 071222_132904.jpg 071222_132922.jpg 071222_133709.jpg 071222_133726.jpg 071222_133736.jpg

Image coutesy of Andrew Broadfoot - December 2008


Images from when aircraft was for sale back in 2010

100411_000.jpg 100411_010.jpg 100411_020.jpg 100411_030.jpg

As of May 2014 aircraft based in Oregon and for sale once again, images courtesy of Bob Hoyt

140516_01.jpg 140516_02.jpg 140516_03.jpg 140516_04.jpg 140516_05.jpg 140516_06.jpg