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Pretty much took the summer off to play with the kids. It went by quick with season passes to Marine World for the roller coasters, riding dirt bikes, camping and taking the boat out, we also hosted a student from Spain for two weeks. Morningstar Lake Campground Marine World Cabin in Arnold, CA Above Bear Valley Boating on Lake Del Valle
09/03/09 2.5 1085.1 Got a great deal on a really nice rotary table so I gave Don his back. Had to fix my mistake of boring the wrong side of the levers. I made round aluminum plugs on the lathe that were a slip fit into the bores. I then put them in with Cylindrical Bond Loctite. Rebored the correct side of the levers and then milled the bases off them. Wrong bore plugged Correct side bored for pivot bolt & sleeve Rotary table setup
09/04/09 3.2 1088.3 Started working on the base unit for the lever to operate in. First I milled the pocket in the top. Then I milled out the right side step. Then I milled the various radius cuts for the lever to operate in. Lastly I drilled and tapped the pivot bolt hole for the lever. Milling the pocket Step milled Milling radii for the lever Air lever assembly so far
09/10/09 0.7 1089.0 I'll be using some bicycle shiftr cable to operate the air bottle valve. To attach the cable to the air lever I need a cable pivot. I made the cable pivot from some steel rod I had laying around. Turned it down on the lathe, tapped it 6-32 part way in, then drilled a hole for the cable to go through. The pivot will be secured with red locktite to the screw. Cable pivot before drilling Cable pivot with cable
09/11/09 0.7 1089.0 Located and drilled the pivot hole in the air lever. Milled relief in the backside for the screwhead so it will rotate when screwed into the pivot. Went over to Don's and trimmed the base unit down a bit on his bandsaw. Ready to drill pivot hole Back side of pivot hole milled for relief Base unit trimmed with bandsaw
09/13/09 1.2 1090.2 Started milling on the base unit to take weight out of it and create a base around it for mounting in the side console of the airplane.  Milling the base unit Milling a radius around the pivot Base unit so far
09/15/09 3.4 1093.6 Finished milling the base unit, making it quite a bit lighter than the block it started from. Also milled the top surface down to .065 thick from .125 thick so the lever will sit flush with the .050 sheetmetal console it will be mounted in. Milled an edge into the lever so it feels better to the touch when activated. Milling shell around cutout Making the top flange thinner Edge cut into lever for feel Finished air Lever assembly
09/17/09 4.0 1097.6 Working on the bottle valve assembly. Cut and turned a pivot out of some aluminum. Cut and bent a pivot pin out of .095 stainless welding rod. Welded the pivot to the arm. Drilled holes in the pivot flanges. Centered the valve body holder in the rotary table then offset the table to drill the three holes to mount the support. Tapped the holes 8-32. Pivot and pin Pivot welded to arm
Drilling pivot flanges Drilling and tapping holes into the valve body holder
09/18/09 2.0 1099.6 Located and drilled the matching holes in the valve body vertical support. Also cut the center hole for the bottle to go through. Milled a slot in the valve body holder for the hose to slide through. Holes in valve body support Cutting hole for bottle Cutting slot for hose Test fit of bottle and valve holder so far
09/22/09 1.5 1101.1 Reamed the inside threaded bore of the paintball valve 19/64 to get rid of most of the threads for the screw knob that came with it. I then made a .295 diameter stainless steel plunger .701 long that goes inside the bore. The plunger was made from a 5/16 stainless bolt turned down and polished on the lathe. Turning bolt down in lathe Plunger cut and polished to slide smoothly in the valve Plunger shown inserted in paintball valve
09/24/09 0.8 1101.9 HAd to make another plunger, I forgot about the thickness of the vertical support when making the first one, so this new on is .800 long. Luckily I had enough of the original bolt left to cut off another and polish it up. I then located and drilled three holes into the vertical support, and set up the valve holder centered in the rotary table to drill its matching holes tomorrow. The rotary table makes it easy to drill holes in a circular pattern with precise spacing. New plunger in valve body Drilling holes in vertical support Valve body centered in rotary table
09/25/09 2.5 1104.4 Drilled and tapped the holes in the valve holder. Countersunk the holes in the vertical support. Drilled holes for the bicycle shifter cable to go through the vertical supports and the pivot arm. The cable is secured by a model airplane wheel collar which has a set screw to clamp down on the cable.  Tapping the holes in the valve body holder Countersunk holes in the vertical support Valve body assembly Bottle and valve test fit
QTR TOTAL 21.5  
 3RD QTR 2009           •   •   •