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08/13/04 1.0 758.6 Cut four corner blocks out of some 3/4 x 1" spruce. I glued them into the upper corners of the rear seat back tubes and forward corners of the rear seat bottom. The corner blocks will lock the seat boards in and keep them from sliding. Cornerblocks on rear seat back Corner blocks on rear seat bottom
09/03/04 2.0 760.6 Went over to Kens and made some more 210-83 brackets to weld on the seat tubes to hold the front seat boards. I used .035 thick 4130 sheet and a paper template that I cut to fit the 3/4" seat tubes. I then used Ken's shear, punch press and corner notcher to cut each tab to the flat pattern. After that Ken bent them up for me on his power brake. Thanks Ken! Two hours at your shop saved me a few days at home cutting those things out with hand shears and beating on them in the vise. Nutplate tabs
09/09/04 1.8 762.4 Cut and shaped four corner blocks and 2 rectangular 3/4 x 1" spruce blocks for the front seat boards. I glued and stapled two corner blocks at the front of the seat bottom. I also put two corner blocks on the bottom of the seat back and two rectangular blocks in about 3/4 up the seat back. I couldn't put corner blocks in at top since shoulder harnesses will go through there. Blocks on the back of the front seat Corner blocks on the bottom of the front seat
09/15/04 1.6 764.0 Removed turtle deck. Welded in the rear shoulder harness plates (See example) at FS135.  It was tough getting in close enough to do the welding, there's a bunch of tubes there all close together! Left plate shown
09/17/04 2.1 766.1 Used a length of 1/4 threaded rod to locate the 210-79 (3/8x.058x1) bushings that will hold the crotch straps of the harnesses. I marked the centerline of the tubes and then clamped the rod with two bushings across the bottom of the seat tubes. After welding them in, I turned to the 210-80 rear seat belt clamps that go on the longeron. After test fitting them I discovered that the angles weren't bent enough because the ends came together towards a point when brought close enough together to hold the belt end. A little hammer and vise work on them got them looking good when the belt end was tightened up. Ready to tack weld the bushing Bushing welded with crotch strap test fitted
Increasing the bend of the rear belt mount straps Test fit of the rear belt mount
09/22/04 2.6 766.7 Sat in the rear seat with various height pads to simulate different seat cushions and parachute thickness, and determined what angle to set the 210-80 rear seatbelt clamps at. The belt fittings ride on a bushing that gets squeezed in the mount, so they can rotate and change angle some. It's pretty easy to figure out a good place to put them. I then skip welded them in. See example. Next I located and welded in the 210-79 secondary lap belt attach bushings. They got mounted about 6.95" up from the crossmember like Kevin does on the HP fuselages. See drawing. Rear belt attach welded to longeron Tack welding the secondary lap belt attach
Side view of welded  harness attach 210-79 Secondary seat attach welded in
09/30/04 2.0 768.7 Tacked and then welded the 210-109 front seat harness attach plates on the 210-29 crossmember. They were clamped together with a .31 gap using a bolt and some washers. I then tightened up some wire around the crossmember and the bolt to hold them to the tube for tack welding. The C/L of the attach plate assembly gets welded 2.00 inches outboard of the seat tube C/L where it hits the 210-29 crossmember and at a 45 angle. See drawing. 210-109 Lap belt attach plates jigged Welded
QTR TOTAL 13.1  
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