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04/11/02 - 2.7
Welded up the aft left cabane fitting and removed jig. Also made a new tailpost holder for the fuselage rotisserie.
04/12/02 - 1.5
Finished welding the aft & forward left cabane fittings.

020412_120426.jpg 020412AftLeftCabaneWelded1.jpg 020412AftLeftCabaneWelded2.jpg 020412FwdLeftCabaneWelded1.jpg 020412FwdLeftCabaneWelded2.jpg

04/15/02 - 2.6
Finished welding the aft & forward right side cabane fittings. Its a challenge to weld three pieces of various thickness of metal together at once especially when they are all different shapes.

020415_170252.jpg 020415_170326.jpg 020415_170500.jpg 020415_170728.jpg 020415_181832.jpg 020415_181907.jpg 020415AftRightCabaneWelded1.jpg 020415FwdRightCabaneWelded1.jpg

04/16/02 - 1.5
CAD work on a jig design to locate the lower wing fittings


04/17/02 - 1.8
Got some steel blocks cut at Pleasanton Steel on their big band saw. Also cut the 1" square tube sections for the jig.


04/22/02 - 2.6
Sized and squared ends of tubing on the grinder and disk sander. Did the layout work on the table for the jig. Put some blocks down and fitted some tubes.


04/29/02 - 2.2
Worked on milling the blocks for the jig down to size.
04/30/02 - 1.8
Finished milling the blocks to size. Still need to locate and drill holes with the Bridgeport.
05/02/02 - 3.0
Welded jig frame together. Restored flatness to the jig using careful application of heat with o/a torch. Jig was verified flat using a 4' level as a straightedge across the tubes at various angles.
05/04/02 - 3.5
Marked hole locations on blocks using height gage and surface plate. Also marked centers on the tops of the blocks. Drilled 5/16" holes in blocks. Came home and located blocks on jig frame. Used tubing bolted between blocks with threaded rod to keep 23.10 spacing and to make sure holes are aligned. Also used diagonal measurements to make sure blocks were square before and after welding them to the frame. Jig is now ready for fittings and attachment to fuselage.

020504_130306.jpg 020504FinishedJig.jpg 020504FinishedJig2.jpg 020504KenDrillingBlocks.jpg 020504MarkingBlocks.jpg 020504TackingBlocks.jpg 020505_133010.jpg

05/22/02 - 4.6
Back at it after some time off to take the kids camping etc. Set up the jig on the fuselage. Steps taken to align jig and fittings properly for tack welding:
1) Leveled fuselage. Used the Smart Level to level the fuse in pitch across the tubes 210-39 & -40. Also leveled it in roll across upper longerons between tubes -39 & -40.
2) Clamped jig with fittings loosely attached into position with .687 shim block under tube 210-27 and the .813 shim block under tube 210-29. Jig was centered on fuselage by eyeball at this point.
3) Checked for 2.0 positive incidence at the fittings using the smart level. Taped equal thickness spacers to the top of the smart level to eliminate the level from rocking on the square tubing of the jig. I had to add .013 shims (3 beer can strips) to the .813 rear shim block to get 2.0 incidence.
4) Pulled a .010 safety wire tightly from the center of 210-35 up to the center of 210-24 at FS 0.0. I then adjusted the jig so that the forward fitting blocks were centered in relation to the wire.
5) I then centered the aft fitting blocks to the wire. This required a .020 shim in the right front part of the jig. See pics.
6) Next I double checked the squareness of the jig by measuring from the tailpost holder to each forward fitting block. These dimensions were equal.  Now ready to tack weld fittings on.

020522_131003.jpg 020522_131144.jpg 020522_140121.jpg 020522_141030.jpg 020522_141733.jpg 020522_141806.jpg 020522_141847.jpg 020522_141923.jpg 020522_154303.jpg 020522_154441.jpg 020522_154859.jpg 020522_155052.jpg 020522AdjustingLowerWingJig1.jpg 020522AdjustingLowerWingJig2.jpg 020522AdjustingLowerWingJig3.jpg 020522AdjustingLowerWingJig4.jpg

05/24/02 - 4.0
Tack welded fittings on, enough to hold them in position for heat bending into final position. I removed the jig and bent the aft fittings and the bottom of the forward fittings. I then reinstalled the jig and bent the tops of the forward fittings. Started welding the fittings, getting about half of the left rear one done. These things take a lot of rod too, like the cabane fittings.

020524_104035.jpg 020524_104051.jpg 020524_104101.jpg 020524_104125.jpg 020524_104135.jpg 020524_104152.jpg 020524_135359.jpg 020524_135503.jpg 020524_135521.jpg 020524_141341.jpg 020524_141412.jpg 020524_142627.jpg 020524_143058.jpg 020524_143145.jpg 020524_143204.jpg 020524_143224.jpg 020524_145241.jpg 020524_152821.jpg 020524_152852.jpg 020524_160130.jpg 020524_160146.jpg 020524AftRtLwrWingFitting.jpg 020524FwdLeftLwrWingFitting.jpg

05/26/02 - 1.0
Finished welding up the rear fittings.

020526_172554.jpg 020526_172619.jpg 020526AftRtWingWelded1.jpg 020526AftRtWingWelded2.jpg

05/29/02 - 2.2
Welding on the front fittings, filled the gaps on the outside.

020529_134933.jpg 020529_135000.jpg 020529_135100.jpg 020529_135200.jpg 020529_141531.jpg 020529_141727.jpg 020529WeldGapFwdRtFitting.jpg

06/02/02 - 2.6
Finished welding up the forward lower wing fittings. I could have done it faster, but it just took awhile since I have to let the torch cool down, the only drawback of the small aircooled torches.

020602_232618.jpg 020602_234054.jpg 020602BottomOfFitting.jpg 020602FwdLeftWingFittingDone.jpg 020602FwdRightWingFittingDone.jpg

06/03/02 - 3.0
Started work on the flying wire fittings. First did the edge welding on the 210-57 Lug and -58 Doublers. Then adjusted the bend angle to 28. Next I clamped them into position and tack welded them on. After heat forming the front edge I welded the front edge. Heat forming the rear edge took more heat and work to form the lug into the corner. Afterwards I welded up the back edge of the lug. I still have to tack-form-weld the doublers.

020603_004259.jpg 020603_124542.jpg 020603_143245.jpg 020603_144905.jpg 020603_144918.jpg 020603_152255.jpg 020603_163012.jpg 020603_163051.jpg 020603FlyingWireLugBackside.jpg 020603FlyingWireLugEdgeWeld.jpg 020603FlyingWireLugFrontside.jpg

06/04/02 - 2.8
Clamped then tack welded the upper tips of the doublers. Then I heat formed the edges and welded them up. Note that I checked the angles of the fittings often to make sure they stayed at 28.

020604_123817.jpg 020604_124600.jpg 020604_124800.jpg 020604_125019.jpg 020604_135233.jpg 020604_144540.jpg 020604_153312.jpg 020604FyingWireAngleCheck.jpg 020604FyingWireDoublerFormed.jpg 020604FyingWireDoublerTacked.jpg 020604FyingWireFittingsDone.jpg

06/05/02 - 1.6
Cleaned up the table, put rustlick on the newly welded areas. Did the layout work for the rudder pedal mount tubes. Note that Kevin's fuselages (and mine will too) have an extra 1.00-.035 tube at FS 5.0 for mounting the front rudder pedals. It is welded in such that the top surface of the tube is flush with the top of the 1.25" engine mount bung. Cut four tubes to rough length.

020605FrontRudPedalLocation.jpg 020605RearRudPedalLocation.jpg

06/07/02 - 2.9
Notched one end on each of the four rudder pedal mounting tubes to mate with a perpendicular 1" tube. These ends will mate with the longerons. For the two front tubes, I used the cutoff wheel to hog out the 1" cut to mate them to the 1.25" dia. bung with top tangent surfaces of each flush. I then fit the other ends to the .75" dia.  210-23 diagonals such that the bottom tangent surfaces were flush. This keeps the rudder pedal mount tubes on proper plane. I then tacked them in.

020607_135306.jpg 020607_151900.jpg 020607_151948.jpg 020607FrtRudPedalTubeBungCut.jpg 020607LeftRudderPedalMountTubeFit.jpg 020607RightRudPedTubeTacked.jpg

06/10/02 - 2.5
Notched the rear rudder pedal mount tubes and them tack welded them in. Heat formed the inside ends of the front tubes to meet the 3/4" 210-23 tubes.

020610_134746.jpg 020610_134815.jpg

06/12/02 - 2.0
Welded the rudder pedal mount tubes to the longerons only, I'll weld them to the diagonals later after putting the mounts on.
06/20/02 - 1.0
Made a doo-dad to hold the rudder pedal mounts in position for welding.
06/24/02 - 3.3
Welded the rudder pedal mount bushings on.

020624_145420.jpg 020624_190724.jpg 020624_190813.jpg 020624ReadyTackRudPedalMounts.jpg 020624ReadyWeldRudPedalMounts.jpg 020624RudPedalMountDone.jpg

06/24/02 - 2.1
Welded the rudder pedal mount tubes to the fuselage diagonals.


Quarter Total 58.8 hrs / TTD 503.5 hrs
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