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2/23/12 2.5 1167.4 Starting in on the top wing finally. I'm having to remake my top front spar because the one I got with the wings I bought many years ago has developed a cup to it that does not allow ribs to slide on and is thus unusable. In hindsight I should have started in on the wings when I first bought them rather than letting the spar cup as it dried out. Cut some wood clamping blocks with exact 90 degree angles to keep the spars perpendicular.Printed out some numerical scales and glued them on the clamping blocks so I can use them as height gages for the rotary laser level too. Cutting clamping blocks on the bandsaw
2/23/12 3.7 1171.1 Got a set of identical saw horses, and leveled the tops of them to be coplanar on a level plane. I used a smartlevel to determine level in two directions on the top of each saw horse, and then a rotary laser level to determine the overall height of each sawhorse to set them identical. I cut sections of 2x4 wood down to precise dimensions to act as shims under each leg of the four sawhorses. The saw horse leg at the highest point in my garage required no shim, while the leg at the lowest section required a shim almost 1.5" thick. Sawhorses set up for top wing construction Smartlevel and laser level Leveling the sawhorses
3/7/12 1.5 1172.6 Measured and marked centerlines along the spar boards in the areas of the splices. Also put centerlines on all on all the splice parts. Marking centerlines on spars and splice parts 
3/18/12 3.2 1175.8 Measured and marked the points 67-1/8" inboard of the I-strut hole on each outer spar. Put a line around the center of the center spar (wing centerline). Clamped the spars together so that each of the 67-1/8" points were 28-1/4" away from wing centerline while keeping the pencil lines aligned. Drilled two 1/4" holes through each outer spars using center spar as a guide. Fitting spars together Locating outer spars with center spars
Board centerlines aligned About to drill holes into outer spars
3/24/12 0.5 1176.3 After fitting up the joints I discovered that I have about .03-.05" gaps between the outer spars and the -24 wedge blocks. I emailed pictures to Kevin, but since he has just left for Sun-n-fun, figuring out what the problem is will have to wait. Gap at spar and wedgeblock Gap at spar and wedgeblock
QTR TOTAL 11.4  
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