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01/09/14 - 2.1
Gluing more cove blocks on rear spar.

140109_132809_CoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140109_132822_CoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140109_132834_CoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140109_132843_CoveBlockAtWingtip.jpg 140109_132850_CoveBlockAtWingtip.jpg 140109_132915_CoveBlockOuterAileron.jpg 140109_132926_CoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140109_132932_CoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140109_132948_CoveBlockOuterAileron.jpg 140109_132954.jpg

01/17/14 - 1.1
Cutting and fitting the -61 filler strip to the aft spar inbetween the ribs. Looking at my bottom wings I discovered that the previous builder had used 1/4" x 1/2" strip instead of the 1/4" x 3/8" specified in the plans. To keep my wings looking consistent, I elected to continue this error to the top wing and use the wider material.

140117_093113_FittingFillerStripAftSpar.jpg 140117_093126_FillerStripCut.jpg 140117_093135_FillerStripFit.jpg

01/21/14 - 2.2
Glued down all the filler strips on the aft spar, using sections of paint stir sticks and the staple gun to staple them down.

140121_130257_FillerStripGlued.jpg 140121_130345_FillerStripGlued.jpg 140121_130353_PaintSticksAndStaples.jpg 140121_130405_PaintSticksAndStaples.jpg

01/22/14 - 1.5
Removed the paint sticks and staples from the filler strips. At home I dug up the upper wing U2 jig and cut some sticks to make the -58 bay ribs.

140122_112603_RemovingStaples.jpg 140122_155950_SticksForBayRib.jpg

01/23/14 - 0.8
Cut filler strips for front spar to rough length.

140123_093649_FrontSparFillerStrip.jpg 140123_095552_FrontSparFillerStripFit.jpg 140123_095603_FrontSparFillerStripFit.jpg

01/27/14 - 1.3
Made two -58 bay ribs.

140127_121740_ReadyToMakeBayRibs.jpg 140127_125037_SticksGluedIn.jpg 140127_132046_PlyStapledOn.jpg 140127_132112_DowelsPushRibOut.jpg 140127_153214_BayRibsDone.jpg

01/28/14 - 2.8
Took the ailerons down to Don's so I can rig them up to glue in the bay ribs. Started with the right aileron. It took a little time to figure out where to set the rod ends to get the desired 1/4" gap between the aileron and the cove blocks, and also then have all three hinges in alignment. Once I got it set up, I used two paint sticks to set the -58 bay rib gap at .30", cut the appropriate gap in the filler strip, then glued the bay rib in.

140128_113322_FittingAilerons.jpg 140128_113344_TooMuchGap.jpg 140128_131249_AdjustingAileronCoveGap.jpg 140128_131306_AileronCoveGap.jpg 140128_131320_RightAileronInstalled.jpg 140128_131345_TestFitBayRib.jpg 140128_133820_BayRibGluedIn.jpg 140128_133829_BayRibGluedIn.jpg 140128_133838_BayRibGluedIn.jpg 140128_133851.jpg

01/29/14 - 1.0
Attempted to install the left aileron to repeat yestrday's routine, but just couldn't get the center hinge bolt through. After all sorts of various changes in hinge alignment etc, I eventually discovered that the center hinge block that attaches to the aileron was made incorrectly, and that the rod end hits the bottom of the hinge block when the bolt is forced through. It is important to note that the aileron hinge blocks were made by the previous builder of my wing.


01/30/14 - 0.8
After further analysis of the ALL the aileron hinge blocks big and little, and their variance of dimension, I have decided to replace it all with genuine, accurately made Kimball CNC parts.


02/01/14 - 2.1
I sorted through the aileron blocks and came up with a set that was machined all the same so I could set up the left aileron temporarily. I was amazed at how easy it was using compatible blocks. After getting the aileron set up and the gap correct, I then glued in the bay rib.

140201_145119_LeftAileronFitted.jpg 140201_145125_TestFitBayRib.jpg 140201_145150_MarkNotchFIllerStrip.jpg 140201_145848_FillerStripNotching.jpg 140201_155206_BayRibGlued.jpg 140201_155230_BayRibGlued.jpg 140201_155249_BayRibGlued.jpg

02/04/14 - 1.8
Did the final fitting of the filler strips on the front spar, then glued about a thrid of them in.

140204_130405_FillerStripFittedFrtSpar.jpg 140204_130417_FillerStripFittedFrontSpar.jpg 140204_135903_FillerStripGluedFrontSpar.jpg 140204_135908_FillerStripGluedFrontSpar.jpg 140204_135920_FillerStripGlued.jpg

02/05/14 - 1.5
Finished gluing the rest of the filler strips on the front spar.

140205_125012_PaintSticksAndStaples.jpg 140205_125021_FillerStripGlued.jpg 140205_125029_DoneGluingFillerStrip.jpg

02/06/14 - 1.6
Trimmed the -59 bay rib sheeting for both bay rib areas. Glued them in and used narrow strips of paint sticks to staple the skins on the ribs. Afterwards I spent some time prying up the paint sticks and staples from the front spar filler strips.

140206_123457_BayRibSheetTrimmed.jpg 140206_133704_BayRibSheetGlued.jpg 140206_133715_BayRibSheetGlued.jpg 140206_133726_BayRibSheetGlued.jpg 140206_133826_ViewFromUnder.jpg 140206_133942_BayRibSheetGlued.jpg 140206_134443_RemovingPaintSticksStaples.jpg

02/07/14 - 1.2
Removed paint stick strips and staples from the bay ribs and sanded them clean. Also removed the paint sticks and staples from the filler strips on the front spar. Gotta check the instructions, but I think I'm ready to flip the wing and work on the center tank section.

140207_081409_SticksStaplesRemovedBayRib.jpg 140207_090219_FinishedFillerStripsBottomWing.jpg

02/11/14 - 2.0
Cut four of the -49 tip attach rails loose from the stack and took them home where I had the U2 upper wing rib jig. Used the rib jig and some 1/16" gussets to figure out where to locate the rail on the rib, then marked the cuts. Back at Don's I cut the rails and then trimmed two fo them to match the corner blocks. I then glued them in 1/16" below flush with the rib to allow for the thickness of the fiberglass tips.

140211_115728_TipRails.jpg 140211_122530_MarkingCutsTipRails.jpg 140211_122610_AllowingForSixteenthInch.jpg 140211_122626_TipRailCutLine.jpg 140211_125039_MarkedToMatchCornerBlock.jpg 140211_130014_TipRailTrimmed.jpg 140211_130024_TipRailTestFit.jpg 140211_135244_TipAttachRailGlued.jpg 140211_135253_TipAttachRailGlued.jpg 140211_135306_RailSetToAllowTipThickness.jpg 140211_135323_TipAttachRailGlued.jpg

02/12/14 - 0.7
Removed the clamps from the tip attach rails, then flipped the wing over right side up. Did some cleanup with a sanding block and chisel, removing excess glue that had dripped to the top side of the wing.


02/13/14 - 1.8
Cut and fit the two top wingtip attach rails. Cut and fit the last two cove blocks that fit up to the bay ribs. Glued the tip attach rails in, and the last cove blocks. had some glue left over, so I cut, fit and glued the small filler strips the go on the aft spar at the bay ribs.

140213_110446_FittingTipAttachRail.jpg 140213_110453_FittingTipAttachRail.jpg 140213_114002_FittingLastCoveBlocks.jpg 140213_125023_TipAttachRailGlued.jpg 140213_125111_SixteenthAllowanceForTip.jpg 140213_125120_LastCoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140213_125135_LastCoveBlocksGlued.jpg 140213_125146_TipAttachRailGlued.jpg 140213_125157_FillerStripAtBayRibGlued.jpg 140213_125203_FillerStripAtBayRibGlued.jpg 140213_125222_FillerStripAtBayRibGlued.jpg

02/14/14 - 0.7
Fitting filler strips to front spar.
02/18/14 - 2.1
Cut and fit filler strips to the aft spars. Got the left ones and part of the right wing glued and stapled in.

140218_115804.jpg 140218_125314.jpg 140218_134924.jpg 140218_134927.jpg 140218_134932.jpg 140218_134944.jpg

02/19/14 - 1.7
Finished gluing and stapling the filler strips on the right wing aft spar, and then glued some strips on the front spar.

140219_105859.jpg 140219_105913.jpg

02/20/14 - 1.2
Gluing and stapling filler strips on the front spar.

140220_133650.jpg 140220_133708.jpg

02/21/14 - 1.6
Finished gluing and stapling the filler strips on the front spar, then started removing the paint sticks and staples. Also did some sanding on the strips with a block to clean them up a little.

140221_125139.jpg 140221_125917.jpg 140221_133405.jpg 140221_133420.jpg

02/22/14 - 1.1
Finished removing staples and paint sticks, then cleaning up the spar tops with a sanding block.


03/03/14 - 2.6
Using the plans and pics from my website, I sorted out the flying, landing and sway wire lugs, pins and spacers along with the bolts nuts and washers needed. Discovered the big 1/2" bolts will need to have cotter pin holes drilled. I then used an expanding reamer to clean powdercoating out from the inside of the spacers to get them to fit on the pins. Once the parts were installed on the wing I took pictures to confirm with Kevin that I had everything correct.

140303_131612.jpg 140303_131653.jpg 140303_142049.jpg 140303_144634.jpg 140303_152817.jpg 140303_152822.jpg 140303_152844.jpg 140303_152916.jpg 140303_152923.jpg 140303_152931.jpg 140303_152939.jpg 140303_153014.jpg 140303_153022.jpg 140303_153059.jpg 140303_153125.jpg 140303_153133.jpg 140303_153202.jpg 140303_153212.jpg 140303_153222.jpg 140303_153232.jpg 140303_153241.jpg 140303_153316.jpg 140303_153327.jpg 140303_153428.jpg

03/17/14 - 1.0
Used a center drill followed by a #29 drill to put the holes for the cotter pins in the flying and landing wire pin bolts.

140317_171654.jpg 140317_173707.jpg

03/21/14 - 1.1
Sanded te ply trailing edges between ribs -6 and -18, then cut and fit some scrap wood to use for trailing adge stock there.

140321_141042.jpg 140321_144842.jpg 140321_150106.jpg 140321_150116.jpg

03/24/14 - 1.9
Glued and clamped the trailing edge scrap between the -6 and -18 ribs. Spent some time shaping the center section bow at the center ribs.

140324_144652.jpg 140324_144704.jpg 140324_144728.jpg 140324_144736.jpg 140324_144755.jpg 140324_151026.jpg 140324_151031.jpg 140324_151036.jpg 140324_153418.jpg 140324_153635.jpg

03/25/14 - 1.2
Removed clamps from trailing edges between ribs -6 and -18 then started work on contouring the bow and trailing edges. Still have to check final shape with the skins, but am close.

140325_143151.jpg 140325_145633.jpg 140325_145654.jpg 140325_145706.jpg 140325_145719.jpg 140325_145745.jpg

< 03/27/14 - 1.5/b>
Varnished the inner parts of the center bow aft of the spar, inside the aileron bays and also the outer face of the tip ribs as well as the spar tips. Used polyfiber EV-400 and a small brush. Had some left over so I figured out where I could put some on the undersides of the bow skin, leaving the future glue zones unvarnished.

140327_153837.jpg 140327_153846.jpg 140327_153856.jpg 140327_153913.jpg 140327_172425.jpg 140327_172439.jpg 140327_172448.jpg 140327_172502.jpg 140327_172522.jpg 140327_172550.jpg

03/28/14 - 1.7
Brought the wing tank down and test fitted it in the wing. I also brought the only straps I had left but they turned out to be the wrong ones, being for the oil tank. Discovered that I need to buy a couple. I then cut the 1/8" ply shim to put on the top surfaces of the front and rear spar. I guess my table saw blade is too fat, I ran out of mahogony for front spar, so I substituted some 1/8" birch ply I had. I then glued and stapled the shim strips on both spar tops.

140328_143722.jpg 140328_143734.jpg 140328_143906.jpg 140328_143924.jpg 140328_144756.jpg 140328_170514.jpg 140328_174428.jpg 140328_174439.jpg 140328_174444.jpg 140328_174527.jpg 140328_174549.jpg 140328_180133.jpg

03/29/14 - 3.0
Got some plastic organizers from walmart and srted my wing hardware into them. Went down to Don's and removed the staples and paint sticks, the cut strips of 1/16" ply, half the width of the top of the aft spar. I then masked off the front half of the top of the aft spar, then glued and stapled the 1/16" down next to the tape. Afterwards I removed the tape to make sure that front part of the spar was clean with no glue. Later I found the AN150-16S turnbuckles for the wing tank straps.

140329_105736.jpg 140329_121539.jpg 140329_131240.jpg 140329_134856.jpg 140329_134927.jpg 140329_135714.jpg 140329_140653.jpg 140329_141031.jpg 140329_181152.jpg

03/30/14 - 1.4
Removed paint sticks and staples from the 1/16 strips. Figured out what hardware is needed to eventually install the center wing tank straps to the forard and aft spars. I then cut a step into each of the butt ribs where the aft bow skins meet at the tank skin. The step will allow a smooth transition there between the two skins.

140330_110412.jpg 140330_113920.jpg 140330_113950.jpg 140330_115832.jpg 140330_115940.jpg 140330_123144.jpg 140330_123158.jpg 140330_123327.jpg

Quarter Total 50.1 hrs / TTD 1447.0 hrs
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