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08/01/00 to 08/08/00 - 6.0 hrs
Was in 767 training during July, so no log for last month. With the fuselage now 5" shorter, I cannot use the flat layout for the fuselage sides to be constructed first, so I will build the top and bottom first, since they only bend in one axis, as opposed to the sides which twist. Using a CAD program I took the wireframe of the short fuselage and "flattened" the top and bottom ladders, getting point-to-point dimensions from the CAD model. The result is a flat pattern layout for the top and bottom that allows them to be built on a flat table and later bent to shape. This method does not take into account "bend allowance" but should be accurate enough since the bend angles are relatively small.


08/10/00 to 08/17/00 - 4.0 hrs
Went through entire plans and came up with 4130 tubing shopping list for everything except wings and got it ordered from Dillsburg Aeroplane Works (717) 432-4589.(AS OF APRIL 2012 DILLSBURG NO LONGER IN BUSINESS) It arrived about 10 days later in good condition. Take a look at my Tubing List

000911_164551.jpg 000911_164609.jpg SteelInTubes.jpg

09/04/00 to 09/17/00 - 4.0 hrs
Worked on a 40" wide by 16' long table for fuselage construction. It uses Trus Joist Timberstrand LSL Rim Boards for the frame of the table. The LSL boards are dead straight and do not change dimensions over time since they are made of wood fiber and glue pressed together at extreme heat and pressure. I started out with 1 3/4" x 11 7/8" LSL boards and had them ripped in half so they now measure 1.75"x 5.75". Note that for added plywood top support, I also added four 2x4 crossmember supports in addition to the LSL crossmembers. The picture at right does not have them in yet.

000910_121251.jpg 000910_121321.jpg 000910_173744.jpg 000911_164130.jpg 000911_164147.jpg 000911_164204.jpg 000911_164223.jpg 000911Table1.jpg

Quarter Total 14.0 hrs / TTD 39.8 hrs
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