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02/18/07 3.5 943.5 Plotted out a flat pattern of a design for a seat box to be mounted behind the front seat. Click here for an image of the solid model.  Went over to Ken's where we taped the flat pattern onto a sheet of .050" 6061-T6 then cut it out & bent it up. Here's the drawing for the Seat Box Flat Pattern. Once I get the seat box welded up, I will design a hinged box that will fit inside the opening shown, for the purpose of storing things securely in flight. Flat pattern on sheet aluminum Bending vertical flanges
Ken finished with bending Initial fit of seat box
02/22/07 3.0 946.5 Using a file and shears I did some adjustments to the fit of the seams of the box so it would weld up without any twisting. I also used a hand seamer to adjust the bends. I then welded the seams. Seatbox welded Detail of weld
02/23/07 1.4 944.9 Used a die grinder to make crescent cutouts in the top & bottom edges of the seat box so it would fit onto the front seat vertical tubes. Notched to fit seat tubes Detail of top edge Bottom view
03/10/07 0.0 944.9 Decided to switch starting air source from the big aluminum CO2 tank on the firewall to using a HPA paintball tank, like Kevin Kimball first did on the Python. Advantages are less weight and being able to get rid of the Russian compressor. So I ordered a Pure Energy 88ci tank and coiled remote to see how it all works and how I might install it in my fuselage. The "coiled remote" is used by paintball guys to allow them to have a tank in a backpack and just a hose to the gun. I am tentatively planning to put the tank behind the rear seat, but I may have to put it just behind the front seat, so I am going to stop work on the seat box. A critical feature is the ability to close the valve on the bottle AFTER engine start so that any leaks in the lines will not deplete the air supply before the next engine start. On the Python the valve is right in front of the pilot but on a two-seat airplane its not that simple.  Paintball Tank and Coiled Remote
03/20/07 0.0 944.9 I decided to mount the bottle behind the back seat and move the battery up to the firewall for weight and balance purposes since I'll be removing so much weight from up there. I looked into a flex cable to operate the valve on the bottle from the rear seat, but instead decided to adapt a remote nitrous bottle opener from Nitrous Express. Opener components
03/26/07 1.2 946.1 Got the nitrous opener and am figuring out a way to adapt it to the paintball tank. It works by having two metal disks sandwich a plastic worm gear, the tighter the disks squeeze the plastic gear the more torque applied before the disks start slipping. I will make several new pieces to make this work. First is a part to attach to the disks. I drilled a round disk and plug welded a 1/2 aluminum rod to it. I didn't weld it more because I didn't want to bend the rod with heat. Disk is welded on the backside Plug weld died in the lathe the next day
03/27/07 3.5 949.6 Went over to Kens to machine some parts for the opener. First we made an adapter to fit the opener to the paintball remote valve. Then we went to machine the disk I welded but it broke, so we machined another disk out of billet. We also made a receptor for the rod that will have the threads sticking out to go in/out of the valve body.  Solid round aluminum in lathe Part in progress Testing the fit of the opener housing on the adapter
03/28/07 0.5 950.1 Lock-tited the bolt into the aluminum receptor. I'll need to cut off the head and grind the exposed threads to the proper length to push on the plunger that pushes on the schrader valve on the tank. I'll have to do some testing to determine the proper length. I also mated up the aluminum drive disk I made to the clutch disk and drilled holes for mounting it. Machined parts to adapt opener to paintball tank Test fit of tank etc
03/30/07 1.5 951.6 Made another aluminum drive disk to mount on the upper clutch plate. I cut a hole in the cap for the shaft to protrude through it. Made a simple knob to put on top the shaft so the bottle could be opened/closed manually without power by turning the knob. Upper drive disk Manual valve opening with this knob
QTR TOTAL 12.8  
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