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10/04/13 3.0 1308.9 Glued in the next compression rib 131004_110024_NextRibGlued.jpg 131004_110031_RibStapledInPlace.jpg 131004_125023_GlueJoint.jpg 131004_125039_GlueJoint.jpg
10/07/13 3.5 1312.4 Decided to glue the last two ribs since it takes about 2 hrs-15min for the glue to set up enough to leave the fillets alone. This time I got smart and mixed up the glue and came back after 45 minutes and glued the ribs in. I then waited until the glue just started to to harden before tooling the joint and making nice tight fillets. I then only had to maintain them for about a half an hour or so.I also skipped the paper between the staple and the rib, instead shooting them in with less air pressure and making them easier to remove. I also used masking tape to keep the flying wire plates clean of glue then pulled it off when I was done maintaining the fillets. Later that afternoon I measure and set the 7 degree sweep in the right wing.
131007_111420_OuterTwoLeftCompRibsGlued.jpg 131007_111425_OuterTwoLeftCompRibsGlued.jpg 131007_111453_FilletMaintainedUntilGlueSets.jpg
131007_111531_GlueJointAtFlyingWirePlate.jpg 131007_111551_StapleOnlyFarEnoughToHoldRib.jpg 131007_150051_SettingRightWingSweep.jpg
10/08/13 3.5 1315.9 Since I'm stuck babysitting glue joints for two and a half hours each time I decided to do all the right wing compression ribs at once. Double-checked the right wing was swept like it should be, then I prepared the area with cardboard on the floor and taped up the flying flying wire plates, and put air in my portable tank for the stapler, reduce to 40psi. I then mixed up three seperate cups of glue to reduce the mass heat generation and shorter working time associated with a huge cup of glue. I then waited about 45 minutes and glued the ribs in. I then waited awhile longer to wiped the excess glue away, tooled the joints and maintained them until the glue set. I like wiping excess glue away from the joints - its the only time I'll be able to make my airplane lighter with the simple swipe of a rag! 131008_122618_AllRightCompressionRibsGluedAtOnce.jpg 131008_122628_GlueJointDetail.jpg 131008_122650_DetailAtFlyingWirePlate.jpg
08/10/13 4.2 1320.1 Got out the bags of drag blocks and figured them out, which ones going where. Also got out the raw stock for the -9 and -23 angle blocks. Cut the -9's and -23's to length and fit to each position. At home I milled the 5th outboard angle blocks to fit on the flying wire plates 131010_102354_DragWireBlocksIllustrated.jpg 131010_102705_BlocksIdentified.jpg 131010_104248_SpecialBlocks.jpg
131010_124809_CuttingInteriorAngles.jpg 131010_145316_JustAboutAllFitted.jpg 131010_192210_The5sMilled.jpg
10/11/13 0.9 1321.0 Sorted and fit the drag blocks to their respective positions. To fit them I just had to sand a tiny bit off the sharp corners where they fit into the glue fillet between the rib and the spar. 131011_155757_DragBlocksSorted.jpg
10/13/13 2.4 1323.4 Milled .25" off the rear spar drag blocks that sit on the plywood at the center aileron hinge. Cut some sections of 3/4" diameter round stock and milled flats on them so I could clamp against them when gluing blocks on. I cut little section from a paint stick to use as a measurement gage to center the blocks on the spar. I then glued all the -64 drag blocks onto the front spar. 131013_085540_MillingTheFirstBlock.jpg 131013_102611_RoundStockWithFlatForClamping.jpg 131013_111558_HeightGageChecksBlockPosition.jpg
131013_111604_CenteringBlockOnSpar.jpg 131013_111638_BlockAtFlyingWirePlate.jpg 131013_111711_BlocksGluedAndClamped.jpg
10/15/13 1.8 1325.2 Glued and clamped all the -63's and -65's on the front spar. 131015_115422_63AtLeftWingtip.jpg 131015_115431_RoundClampBlock.jpg 131015_115442_63sGluedLeftWing.jpg 131015_115458_63AtFlyingWirePlate.jpg
10/17/13 3.1 1328.3 Made a locating jig out of scrap wood to center the blocks on the aft spar. Glued six of the blocks on the aft spar, then glued and stapled the -9 and -23 corner angles in. After a few hours I came back and Glued the rest of the blocks on the aft spar using the clamps and rounds used earlier that day. 131017_101700_JigLocatesDragBlock.jpg 131017_115947_23and9AtFlyingWirePlate.jpg
131017_150034_36AtCenterAileronHinge.jpg 131017_150038_38AtLeftWingAftSpar.jpg
10/18/13 1.5 1329.8 Cut and fit angle -9 and -23 angles to the front of the front spar and aft face of the aft spar at the wingtips, and then glued them in along with the remaining -9 and -23's on the aft spar. Later in the afternoon I bought four 3/16 drill bushings. 131018_080331_MeasuringExtraAngleBlocks.jpg 131018_103453_GoopedUpAngle.jpg 131018_110009_AngleBlockOnRearSpar.jpg 131018_110015_AngleBlockOnRearSpar.jpg
10/19/13 2.0 1331.8 Didn't feel like waiting for a loaner, and thought it would be fun to build a drill jig for drilling the drag wires. See pics for details. 131019_123927_CuttingMetalForDrillJig.jpg 131019_130856_BoringHolesForDrillBushings.jpg 131019_140543_MillingStrutToFitDrillCyliinder.jpg 131019_142025_StrutsAndDrillCylinders.jpg
10/20/13 2.2 1334.0 More work on the drill jig. 131020_135639_Cutting45sIntoStruts.jpg 131020_143347_TackWeldStrutsToSliderTubes.jpg 131020_160841_DrillCylsTackedToStruts.jpg 131020_162214_DrillJigSoFar.jpg
10/21/13 2.1 1336.1 Made an additional drill guide so I can drill spars and blocks from both sides and meet in the middle for more accuarcy 131021_115147_PartsForSecondDrillGuide.jpg 131021_162510_ReadyToTackWeld2ndGuide.jpg 131021_171731_DrillJigComplete.jpg 131021_171752_CloseupOfDrillBushing.jpg
10/22/13 0.5 1336.6 Painted the drill jig guides. 131022_082910_PaintingDrillGuides.jpg
10/23/13 3.0 1339.6 Did a bunch of research and looking at lot of pictures of wings under construction and then made the attached graphic image to use for laying out holes to drill the drag blocks. I also was able to get Kevin Kimball to error check it for me. The goal is ZERO MISTAKES drilled. 131023_172015_DragWireDrillGraphic.jpg
10/24/13 3.2 1342.8 Got out and organized the drag washers and other hardware needed for the drag and antidrag wires. Using my diagram, I marked each block with an up or down arrow for HI or LO. I then made horizontal lines on each HI block 1/8" above and each LO block 1/8" below spar centerline. Used the appropiate square, double or scalloped washers to locate horizontally and draw a circular mark where the holes should go. I then used a very sharp center punch by hand to push in a mark exactly in the center of the circle. I then used the drill jig to drill holes in one outer bay, then ream the holes 13/64" and test fit some wires. The drill jig works great! 131024_103948_MarkingBlocksHiLo.jpg 131024_105328_DragWashers.jpg 131024_132108_LocatingDrillHoles.jpg
131024_132159_CenterPunchingHoles.jpg 131024_141129_DrillJigInOperation.jpg 131024_141146_HolesDrilledFromBothDirections.jpg
10/25/13 2.8 1345.6 Reamed out the holes in the outer bay completed so far to 13/64 and test fit wires. Flipped to point around on point guide and drilled the holes in the inner bays that aim at the fittings on the compression member. Reamed and test fit wires. Used abungee cord and clamp to allow one person drilling of more drag wire blocks. 131025_121448_HolesReamedWiresTestFit.jpg 131025_121453_WiresTestFit.jpg 131025_121516_InnerBayWiresTestFit.jpg
131025_121534_DoubleWasherWithWires.jpg 131025_153242_ShootingThroughTheHoles.jpg 131025_180537_LookingThroughTheHoles.jpg
10/26/13 1.5 1347.1 Drilling drag wire blocks first so drill jig stays in the same length for each hole. 131026_100853_DrillingAllDragWiresFirst.jpg
10/28/13 0.9 1348.0 Finished drilling drag wire blocks and started the anti-drag blocks. 131028_144111_DrillLastDragWireBlocks.jpg 131028_145451_StartDrillingAntidrags.jpg
10/29/13 0.7 1348.7 Got the anti-drag wire holes drilled on the top left wing. 131029_080551_DrillingAntidrags.jpg
10/31/13 2.4 1351.1 Drilled the last of the anti-drag blocks. Reamed all the holes to 13/64" then coated all the internal holes with System 3 epoxy clearcoat. Also coated the blocks too since washers will be going on them next. 131031_115924_DillLastAntidragBlocks.jpg 131031_121101_ReamHoles1364ths.jpg 131031_124358_SyringForVarnishingHoles.jpg 131031_141918HolesVarnished.jpg
11/03/13 1.7 1352.8 Installed all the wires with washers, clevis etc. Then locked the washers in with 1/2"-20 gage nails. 131103_140615_NailsIntoDragWashers.jpg 131103_140639_TinyNailsForDragWashers.jpg
11/04/13 0.8 1353.6 Installed the lock nuts on the clevis forks, and then installed the cotters on the pins. It took awhile because there's not much room to work with pliers there. 131104_103443_ClevisPinAndCotter.jpg
11/06/13 2.6 1356.2 Set up to measure the sweep of the right wing in prep for tightening its wires. Rather than use the 12.5" sweep at 130" span in the instructions which makes it difficult to clamp at the ends of the spars, I decided to use the outer face of the outer compression rib as before. Basically this is 11.77" sweep at 124.43" as determined by my autocad drawing. I clamped a straight edge in alignment with the comp rib outer face and then measured 11.77" out from the front spar face there then pulled some dental floss from the the upright sticks clamped to the center section spar. I also run a string along the nose ribs, as well an extra string above the from spar face edge so I could see any spar bending from two sources. I then tightened up the wires on that wing per the instructions, keeping the sweep at 7 degrees and the spar straight. 131106_123249_SettingUpForSweepMeasuremnt.jpg 131106_123313_SettingUpForSweepMeasuremnt.jpg 131106_123829_SweepMeasuredFromSparFace.jpg
131106_123900_11point77SweepAtOuterCompRib.jpg 131106_125634StringsPulledForWingAlignment.jpg 131106_142004_NoseRibsAlignedAsWiresTightened.jpg
11/10/13 2.0 1358.2 Setup another set of strings to measure left wing sweep and spar. Went through adjusting and tightening the left wing wires, then further adjustment on both wings to get all the wires essentially equal tightness with their similar length partners. 131110_105731_WiresTightndWingTrammed.jpg
11/13/13 2.2 1360.4 After reading some threads on our google group, I think I had the wires just a little too tight so I loosened them just a tiny bit, adjusting each nut equally to keep the wings in sweep and spar alignment with the strings. Double checked the strings, then added the double nuts. I then used a cutoff wheel to trim the excess wires, leaving about three threads. 131113_110332_CheckingLeftWingSweep.jpg 131113_110810_TightenDoubleNut.jpg
131113_112359_CutoffExcessThreads.jpg 131113_113134_FinishedWireEnd.jpg
11/15/13 5.1 1365.5 Installed the phenolic discs inbetween the drag wires with zip ties. Put the discs back in with new BLACK zip ties rated for oudoor use. Don't use the white ones because they fail after a few years. Nailed small 18ga nails into the top and bottom of the spars just far enough so they can locate the truss ribs. I tapped in the top nail first, then used a machinist square to hold the rib square with the spar to locate the bottom nail. I glued in two truss ribs and while the glue cured I put nails in for the rest of the ribs. Afterwards I pulled the nails from the two ribs I glued. 131115_094640_DiscsAndTies.jpg 131115_104903_DiscAndTieDetail.jpg 131115_104914_DoubleDiscsAtFirstBay.jpg
131115_121155_SmallNailsForGluingTrussRibs.jpg 131115_145537_SmallNailsForGluingTrussRibs.jpg 131115_145607_TwoRibsGlued.jpg
11/16/13 3.0 1368.5 Gluing more truss ribs on the right wing. 131116_114047_GluingTrussRibs.jpg 131116_114056_SmallNailsHoldRib.jpg 131116_114133_TrussRibsGlued.jpg 131116_135615_TrussRibGlueJointAftSpar.jpg
11/17/13 2.8 1371.3 Gluing truss ribs on left wing. 131117_100121__GluingTrussRibsLeftWing.jpg 131117_105531_NailHolesFilled.jpg
11/20/13 2.5 1373.8 Finished truss ribs on left wing. 131120_133943_GluingLeftTrussRibs.jpg 131120_133956_LastTrussRibGlued.jpg
11/21/13 3.5 1377.3 Marked location of nose ribs on center front spar. Marked centerlines on the noseribs to align with centerline on spar face. Cut some 3/8" triangle stock for reinforcement. Glued and stapled nose ribs in using a straightedge laid across the two butt rib noses to adjust each nose rib to identical height. 131121_125639_LocatingCenterNoseRibs.jpg 131121_133252_BlockWillHoldRibPerpToSpar.jpg
131121_144137_NoseRibWithCornerBlock.jpg 131121_144236_StraightEdgeNoseRibHeight.jpg
12/02/13 2.1 1379.4 Measured and marked lines on the aft spar for the center section tail ribs. Glued and stapled the ribs in with corner block strips. 131202_111609_TailRibLayout.jpg 131202_123521_GluingCenterSectionTailRibs.jpg 131202_125511_CenterTailRibsGlued.jpg 131202_125525_DetailOfRibAtSpar.jpg
12/03/13 2.8 1382.2 Measured and marked the center of the -32 center section bow, then marked it so it would fit between the two outer tail ribs glued yesterday. Cut it on the bandsaw, and trimmed the ends to match the profile of the ribs. Glued bow in with custom cut corner blocking as needed. 131203_131302_BowCutToLength.jpg 131203_135154_BowEndTrimmedToMatchRib.jpg 131203_135221_BowEndTrimmedToMatchRib.jpg
131203_152349_CenterSectionBowGlued.jpg 131203_152411_CustomBlockingAtMiddleRibs.jpg 131203_152420_CustomBlockAtEnds.jpg
12/04/13 0.6 1382.8 Glued in the -21 hand hold plate with corner blocking. 131204_102056_Locating-21Plate.jpg 131204_104847_HandHoldPlateGlued.jpg 131204_104903_CornerBlockDetail.jpg
12/10/13 0.7 1383.5 Used a die grinder and sanding blocks to start shaping the bottom side of the bow. 131210_112035_ShapingLowerSideOfBow.jpg 131210_112102_ShapingLowerSideOfBow.jpg 131210_112106_ShapingLowerSideOfBow.jpg
12/11/13 0.6 1384.1 Finished contour of the bow in preparation for the skins there. 131211_093314_ShapingLowerSideOfBow.jpg 131211_093325_BowContourMostlyComplete.jpg
12/17/13 2.0 1386.1 Couldn't find the 1/16th shim material and so I cut some .050" douglas fir shim stock for the narrow strip for the aft edge of the aft spar where the skin goes. Cut and fit the larger of the -68 skins, then cut and sanded a step notch in the butt ribs for a smooth transition of the skin. Glued it on with a combination of staples, clamps and weights. Smoothed out the glue fillets on the underside of the skin. 131217_135605_CuttingShimStock.jpg 131217_140021_RelationshipOfSkins.jpg 131217_144403_StepCutInButtRib.jpg
131217_155438_AftSkinGlued.jpg 131217_155517_UndersideDetail.jpg 131217_155623_ScrapStapledDown.jpg
12/18/13 0.6 1386.7 Removed the clamps and staples etc. 131218_122432_StaplesRemovedAfterGluing.jpg 131218_122446_StaplesRemovedAfterGluing.jpg 131218_122459_SkinAroundHandhold.jpg
12/19/13 1.5 1388.2 Found the 1/16 ply shim stock, but elected to continue with the strips I cut earlier. Cut fit and glued in the other side of the -68 skin. 131219_130538_SixteenthShimStock.jpg 131219_130708_OtherSKinReadyToGlue.jpg 131219_130719_FitAroundHandhold.jpg 131219_142207_GluedClampedWeightedStapled.jpg
12/21/13 1.0 1389.2 Rounded up the sticks for the aileron cove blocks and went down to Dons. Removed the stples and clamps etc from the other side skin, then did some shaping of the bow. Temporarily installed the hinge blocks then started cutting cove blocks to length, but discovered that they have shrunk down to .710" inches. Time to get advice from Kevin. 131220_123111_CoveBlockMaterial.jpg 131221_161658_SkinShapedAtBow.jpg
131221_163754_FittingCoveBlocks.jpg 131221_170929_CoveBlocksTooThin.jpg
12/22/13 1.7 1390.9 Decided to add wood to the cove blocks to get them to proper dimension, so I cut some douglas fir stock to fur the blocks out another .070" thick. Did more cutting of cove blocks to fit. Marked the blocks that go on the doublers so I can mill that material away at home. 131222_153940_FurringStock.jpg 131222_154219_FittingCoveBlocks.jpg
131222_164212_CoveBlocksCut.jpg 131222_164253_MarksForDoublerAndHinge.jpg
12/23/13 1.0 1391.9 Cut and glued the furring strips onto the cove blocks. 131223_000401_GluingFurringStrips.jpg 131223_000417_GluingFurringStrips.jpg 131223_095634_CoveBlockWithFurringStrip.jpg 131223_095705_CoveBlocksExtraThick.jpg
12/24/13 3.2 1395.1 Milled the cove blocks down to .755" then went to Don's and glued some in. 131224_103839_MillingCoveBlocks.jpg 131224_133405_BlocksGluedAtHinge.jpg 131224_133413_CoveBlockGlued.jpg 131224_133421_CoveBlocksGlued.jpg
12/31/14 1.8 1396.9 Glued some more cove blocks in and then back at home I milled out some sections from the blocks that go on the doublers. 131231_145815_CoveBlockGlued.jpg 131231_154118_CoveBlockGlued.jpg 131231_154141_CoveBlockGlued.jpg 131231_164833_CoveBlocksMilled.jpg
QTR TOTAL 91.0  
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