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10/03/14 - 1.3 hrs
Got two sections of aluminum trailing edge material, and cut them to rough length to fit between the ailerons and extend a few inches into the center section. I then marked where to open them up so they can be installed on the rib tails. Took them home and started cutting the marked sections away on the milling machine. I inserted a section of steel rod into the TE sections to keep the vise from crushing them.

141003_102555.jpg 141003_102607.jpg 141003_121233.jpg

10/08/14 - 1.8 hrs
Finished cutting and deburring the TE stock and went down to Dons. Used a small t-square and scraps of TE to mark where to locate TE so that it lines up with the aft edge of both the ailerons and center sections.

141008_100235.jpg 141008_151234.jpg 141008_151306.jpg 141008_151408.jpg

10/15/14 - 1.7 hrs
Put a 1/2" bit in my plunge router and did some test cuts to set the depth, then figured out where to clamp a straight-edge so that the router would cut the rib tails so the TE will fit flush. The first cuts I did on the left of the wing turned out to be a little too deep so I cut and glued some mahogany ply to build them back up.

141015_141749.jpg 141015_153919.jpg 141015_153953.jpg 141015_154043.jpg

10/16/14 - 0.5 hrs
With the router I re-cut the rib tails that I had built back up after cutting too deep the day before.

141016_104539.jpg 141016_104544.jpg

10/28/14 - 1.9 hrs
Flipped the wing over to work on the bottom side. Measured and marked the rib tails, then cut them with the router and straight-edge setup. I then used a sanding board, files and chisels to fit the left side TE. In hindsight, I should have cut a radius on the inner corer of the TE, but did eventually do so.

141028_135730.jpg 141028_135739.jpg 141028_145449.jpg 141028_145503.jpg 141028_145858.jpg 141028_145921.jpg

10/29/14 - 1.0 hrs
Fit the right side trailing edge.

141029_150414.jpg 141029_150421.jpg 141029_150436.jpg

11/04/14 - 1.3 hrs
Held up AN426-3-7 rivets in approximate location to determine how far up the trailing edge to drill the holes. I then cut countersinks into both sides of the holes.

141104_111154.jpg 141104_111749.jpg 141104_112323.jpg 141104_120206.jpg

11/05/14 - 2.4 hrs
Glued trailing edge in with rivets in place but not driven. After glue cured rivets were replaced with clean ones and counter sinked holes cleaned up, then rivets were driven, using a large steel block as a bucking to form the shop head of the rivet into the countersink as much as possible.

141105_152250.jpg 141105_162732.jpg 141105_162741.jpg

11/07/14 - 1.1 hrs
Cut some filler blocks from 5/8 by 1/4 stock. The blocks will reinforce the rib just inboard of the flying wire lugs, where the rib needs to be carved away a little to give the aft wire clearance.

141107_100904.jpg 141107_101038.jpg

11/13/14 - 0.6 hrs
Flipped the wing back over so gravity would hold the blocks in position, then glued them in.

141113_104148.jpg 141113_104213.jpg

12/09/14 -->
Started construction of a rotisserie type stand to hold the top wing and allow it to rotate, making it easier to work on either side.
The construction and completion of the stand can be seen here: Top Wing Rotator


Quarter Total 13.6 hrs / TTD 1546.0 hrs
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