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07/01/15 - 1.5 hrs
Got some Evercoat Rage Gold polyester based body filler to start filling and contouring the various sections of the wing prior to varnishing. Used the product datasheet and my jeweler's scale to figure out a mix ration by weight so I can mix small quantities of the bondo consistently. After some trial and error I have settled on adding cream hardener at 1.4% of the filler weight, or filler weight X .014 = hardener weight, which ensures a quick solid cure, but means I also have to work fast! I am only able to measure such small amounts because the jeweller scale is accurate with low weights. Got some filler on the bottom side of the center section.

150701_112205.jpg 150701_112211.jpg

07/07/15 - 1.5 hrs
More filling and sanding on the center section.

150707_174026.jpg 150707_174041.jpg

07/08/15 - 2.5 hrs
Got the bottom of the center section just about finished. Just have a couple little spots that I'll fill when I start working on the midspan leading edge scarf joints.

150708_125547.jpg 150708_125554.jpg 150708_125559.jpg 150708_125622.jpg 150708_125631.jpg

07/12/15 - 2.7 hrs
Did some touchup on the center section and got that bottom side where I'm happy with it. Moved on to the midspan LE scarfs and got them pretty close. My technique is now refined: 1) Spread bondo 2) While its still soft, skim the high areas down with a surform 3) Once its too hard for the surform, switch to a vixen file 4)Sand until happy or more filler needed with 280 grit sanding board. I keep the sandpaper from clogging by blasting it clean with compressed air.

150712_110143.jpg 150712_110158.jpg 150712_110251.jpg 150712_112008.jpg

07/14/15 - 3.6 hrs
Roughed up the fiberglass wingtips so the bondo will stick. Mixed up a big batch of bondo and applied it to the right wingtip top side. Also filled the little spots left on the midspan LE scarfs. Got the top side of the right wingtip where it just needs minor filling.

150714_122951.jpg 150714_122957.jpg 150714_125120.jpg 150714_125124.jpg 150714_125446.jpg 150714_130649.jpg 150714_130653.jpg 150714_130700.jpg 150714_133627.jpg 150714_133635.jpg 150714_133644.jpg 150714_134855.jpg 150714_134902.jpg

07/26/15 - 3.0 hrs
Started first layer of filler on top of left wingtip and worked it until I got it pretty close, as well as more work on the top of the right wingtip which is pretty close also. I am taking my time with the wingtips because they are complex curves and the thin fiberglass makes for slow sanding. I have to sand with very light pressure, otherwise the fiberglass flexes with any pressure and makes getting a proper contour impossible.


08/01/15 - 3.7 hrs
Did more sanding on the wingtips, got them pretty close to final shape except for minor spots that need filling. Decided to work on setting the gap around the tank cover about .040" so the first layer of fabric can be tucked in under the cover. I used a cabinet scraper and sharp wood chisel to draw file the vertical edges of the wing around the tank bay so my scrap of sheetmetal would slide all around. Once that was done I applied the first layer of bondo to the topside center section leading edge scarfs.

150801_101812.jpg 150801_101819.jpg 150801_101832.jpg 150801_114354.jpg 150801_115950.jpg 150801_123954.jpg 150801_124812.jpg 150801_124818.jpg 150801_130640.jpg

08/03/15 - 1.6 hrs
Taped off the gap around the tank cover to keep bondo out of the gap I just worked on. Then applied the first layer of bondo at the center section leading edge scarfs. While that was curing I did more filling and shaping on the wingtips.

150803_130617.jpg 150803_130623.jpg 150803_132251.jpg 150803_132300.jpg

08/09/15 - 2.0 hrs
Got top halves of center leading edge scarfs sanded to final shape. Started work on filling the slight steps down from the leading edge ply to each rib. I short section of bondo is laid on the rib up to the leading edge ply then sanded to a smooth contour.

150809_121321.jpg 150809_121335.jpg 150809_123026.jpg 150809_123036.jpg 150809_123648.jpg 150809_123657.jpg

08/10/15 - 2.1 hrs
Used blue tape to make temprary molds along the edges of the ribs to be filled, also taped off the areas at the tanks ribs for filling. Mixed up bondo and laid it into the tape molds on the ribs. Right away after the bondo started to cure the tape was pulled off and the surform tool was used to cut the bondo down to rough shape while the bondo was still soft.

150810_104715.jpg 150810_104725.jpg 150810_104731.jpg 150810_110150.jpg 150810_110154.jpg 150810_110239.jpg 150810_110249.jpg 150810_110522.jpg 150810_110656.jpg 150810_110710.jpg 150810_110721.jpg

08/12/15 - 2.0 hrs
Spread bondo on the trailing edge areas, areas at the forward inner corners of the ailerons, as well as the aft corners of the center tank cover.

150812_101921.jpg 150812_101928.jpg 150812_101933.jpg 150812_102349.jpg 150812_113951.jpg 150812_113958.jpg 150812_114007.jpg 150812_114337.jpg 150812_114349.jpg

08/13/15 - 3.2 hrs
Sanding previously filled areas to shape.

150813_104210.jpg 150813_104217.jpg 150813_104231.jpg 150813_104236.jpg 150813_112159.jpg 150813_134752.jpg 150813_134758.jpg 150813_134810.jpg 150813_134819.jpg

08/17/15 - 2.0 hrs
Decided the best way to contour the hand hold was to add a ply filler strip to match the rest of the ply on the wing. Also added some bondo to easy the fabric transition at the aft cabane fittings.

150817_101146.jpg 150817_102002.jpg 150817_112723.jpg 150817_112727.jpg 150817_112912.jpg 150817_113206.jpg

08/24/15 - 2.4 hrs
Mixed up some EV-400 epoxy varnish, and while it was cross linkng for 30 mintues, I started masking off the metal parts on the wing that will not get varnished. Then I brushed the EV-400 into the nooks and crannies of the rib gussets, areas that I thought would be tough to get with the spray gun later.

150824_140345.jpg 150824_140352.jpg 150824_151146.jpg

09/15/15 - 1.7 hrs
Decided to locate and put the holes on the tank bay for the four fuel outlets. I cut some points into some brass plugs and put them into the tank outlets, then put the tank in position. The points then dented the tank bay bottom skin. I then drilled small pilot holes and enlarged them to 3/8. I then used a 1 inch hole saw to enlarge them out to the diameter of the socket needed to tighten up the finger strainers. Although they will be installed prior to cover and small holes in the fabric only for the fuel fittings, having the ability to remove and replace the strainers later is essential.

150915_103315.jpg 150915_104248.jpg 150915_104816.jpg 150915_104823.jpg 150915_105716.jpg 150915_105947.jpg 150915_110504.jpg

09/17/15 - 1.5 hrs
Cut and applied one inch 1/8" thick adhesive felt on the strap lines of the fuel tank, then I mounted it in the wing and tightened up the strap turnbuckles a bit. On the lathe, I drilled a 3/8" hole in a brass plug, then used it as a drill guide to make the final adjustments to the holes after the tank was mounted in its final position. Using the hole saw with the shaft guided by the hole in the brass plug, I was able to put the final cut of the holes in the skin.

150917_101203.jpg 150917_103623.jpg 150917_111715.jpg 150917_111821.jpg 150917_111831.jpg 150917_112542.jpg 150917_115217.jpg 150917_115304.jpg

09/19/15 - 2.3 hrs
Made a cardboard template to figure out where to cut the holes in the tank cover for the fuel filler neck and vent line. I then transfered the locations and cut the hole in the cover with a two inch hole saw. I cut the vent hole with a multi-step drill bit.

150919_103200.jpg 150919_103931.jpg 150919_104155.jpg 150919_105454.jpg 150919_110421.jpg 150919_111518.jpg 150919_114535.jpg 150919_114641.jpg 150919_121701.jpg 150919_121713.jpg 150919_121800.jpg 150919_122657.jpg 150919_122742.jpg

09/20/15 - 1.5 hrs
First of all, before installing the final center ply skins, I should have drilled drain holes in the tank and rib bays to allow for future condensation to drain out of the wing. So, using various methods shown in the pictures, I was able to locate and drill the needed drain holes. I then varnished them.

150920_122730.jpg 150920_122836.jpg 150920_122923.jpg 150920_123032.jpg 150920_123314.jpg 150920_123341.jpg 150920_123559.jpg 150920_124006.jpg 150920_124059.jpg 150920_124202.jpg 150920_124335.jpg 150920_131114.jpg 150920_131122.jpg 150920_131250.jpg

09/21/15 - 1.8 hrs
Also when putting the spar cap strips on, I should have left gaps to act as drains on the bottom low corners. Since I didn't at the time, I drilled holes in the spar caps in the proper locations to act as drains from the leading edge nose rib bays into the main rib areas. I had to be careful to not drill into the spar or break through the leading edge ply.

150921_114759.jpg 150921_130425.jpg 150921_131321.jpg 150921_131946.jpg 150921_132041.jpg

09/25/15 - 1.5 hrs
Used a long 1/8" drill bit and some guides to drill drains for the nose rib areas in the center section.

150925_112503.jpg 150925_112534.jpg 150925_112802.jpg 150925_112825.jpg 150925_114043.jpg

09/28/15 - 2.0 hrs
Drilled drains from the tank bay into the aft center section. I then varnished all the drain holes I put in. Then I finished masking the wing and got it ready for spraying.

150928_095318.jpg 150928_095326.jpg 150928_095621.jpg 150928_123055.jpg 150928_123102.jpg 150928_123116.jpg 150928_123126.jpg

09/30/15 - 3.5 hrs
Mixed up some epoxy varnish and sprayed the first coat on the wing. EV-400 was mixed with EV-410 catalyst at a two to one ratio and allowed to cross-link together for 30 minutes before adding E-500 reducer to thin for spraying. The reducer is added at 25 percent of the quantity mixed already. I also used an HVLP spray gun with the controls adjusted to spray a tight circle for the rib sections and a fan spray for the leading edges and tips.

150930_105548.jpg 150930_112705.jpg 150930_113639.jpg 150930_114400.jpg 150930_121542.jpg 150930_121628.jpg 150930_161848.jpg 150930_161902.jpg 150930_161908.jpg 150930_161918.jpg 150930_161922.jpg

Quarter Total 49.6 hrs / TTD 1610.5 hrs
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