N69BM built by Ben Morphew

The 2nd Model 12 to fly


Ben built the airplane with a plans fuselage but was first to use the Kimball "HP" wings that would also be used on N360KJ and subsequent kits. The HP wing is distinctive for its slightly shorter span, squared-off fiberglass wingtips and larger 3-hinge aluminum ailerons which provide higher roll rate.

Ben eventually sold the airplane to Jim Kennedy who tragically crashed and destroyed it in May of 2009. Click Here to see the NTSB Accident report.

Lost in the crash too was Larry Beige who was in the process of building a Model 12. Larry's project was then sold to and completed by Phil Bonner as N925PK after he totalled his first Model 12, N811WS in an off airport dead-stick landing.

July1999SportAv_00.jpg July1999SportAv_01.jpg July1999SportAv_02.jpg July1999SportAv_03.jpg July1999SportAv_04.jpg July1999SportAv_05.jpg June99SA_cover.jpg 99osh1.jpg 99osh2.jpg 99osh3.jpg 14997A.JPG 14997B.JPG Avweek_dec20-99.jpg AvWeek_pitts12_schaible.jpg BEN1.JPG BEN2.JPG BEN3.JPG BEN4.JPG BEN5.JPG Ben99osh3.jpg Benfly1.jpg Benfly2.jpg Benfly3.jpg Benfly4.jpg Benred1.jpg BENRED2.JPG BENRED3.JPG BENRED4.JPG BENRED5.JPG BENRED6.JPG BensRed03.jpg BensRed04.jpg InflightSA.jpg