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2/17/13 3.5 1198.9 Back on the project again. Moved the sawhorses out to the barn where I have more room and started placing and leveling them. Center two are 72" apart and the outboard ones are 68" away. 130217SettingupSawhorses.jpg
2/23/13 3.0 1201.9 Measured the spar openings in both of the center section butt ribs and made a drawing so I could figure out how much to sand down the splice areas so the butt ribs would slide on. Starting on the front spars first, I measured and drew pencil lines on the spars to make sure I respected the spar centerline as I removed material. Got both ribs to fit on the front spars. 130223ButtRibSparOpenings.gif 130223RibFitFrontSpar1.jpg
130223RibFitFrontSpar2.jpg 130223RibFitFrontSpar3.jpg
2/26/13 2.5 1204.4 Measured and drew pencil lines on rear spar splices. Removed material from the right splice (the one I cut the ply doubler off earlier) until I could slip the butt ribs into the center section.At first it looks like the rib will never fit over the splice, but by tipping the rib as shown in the picture, it goes into position easily when the proper dimension of the spar splice is acheived. 130226RightRearSparSpliceFit1.jpg
2/27/13 3.2 1207.6 Worked on the left splice with both ply doublers on it. I had to sand down the faces of the plywood doublers a little bit, and took care to get a nice snug fit of the rib. 130227ReducingThicknessLeftRearSplice.jpg 130227AftLeftButtRibOnSpars.jpg
130227AftRightButtRibOnSpars.jpg 130227ButtRibsOnSpars1.jpg
03/08/13 1.0 1208.6 Got all the upper wing ribs out and sorted them out according to plans.I then labeled them with small pencil marks to hopefully keep me from making a mistake when working with them. I found that I had two "right" -12 compression ribs with single nose ribs, normally the single nose rib would be to the inner side of the rib. After asking Kevin about it, it will be ok to have the left -12 rib with its nose rib 1/4" outboard of where it normally would be. When the nose ribs are sanded prior to leading edge installation it will be brought down to the correct height. 130308UpperRibsSorted.jpg 130308UpperLeftRibsSorted.jpg
130308UpperRightRibsSorted.jpg 130308UpperWingRib12orientation.jpg
03/09/13 2.2 1210.8 Using strips of sandpaper glued to strips of aluminum, I adjusted the spar openings in the ribs a little so they could slide onto the spars. Once I get all of them done then I will cut a 7 degree bevel in so they can be oriented parallel to the center section ribs. Today I got the left wing front spar openings done. 130309AdjustingRibsToSpars.jpg 130309LeftWingRibsFitToFrontSpar.jpg
03/18/13 3.0 1213.8 Fit all the right wing front spar openings, then did all the aft openings. 130318RightRibsOnAftSpar.jpg 130318RightRibsOnFrontSpar.jpg 130318LeftRibsOnAftSpar.jpg 130318WingHardwareOnTable.jpg
03/19/13 3.2 1217.0 Using Jasco paint remover I stripped gray paint from just about all the upper wing metal parts. 130319PaintStrippedFromWingParts.jpg 130319AftCabaneFittingStripped.jpg
03/20/13 2.0 1219.0 Went over to Ken's and bead blasted the metal parts and then took them over to Fusion Coatings for powdercoating. 130320WingMetalPartsBead Blasted.jpg
03/22/13 4.0 1223.0 Using a slab of particleboard and screwblocks on the Bridgeport, I made a jig to hold the ribs. Marked the tops of the ribs with pencil where the 7 degree chamfer was needed to avoid mistakes. I then used a 14 degree carbide point burr to cut the chamfer half-way into the rib depth. Got the front spar openings done on all the truss ribs. 130322RibChamferMillingSetup.jpg 130322CarbideBurr.jpg
130322CuttingTopHalfThicknessOfRib.jpg 130322PencilMarksForRibChamfer.jpg
03/27/13 2.0 1225.0 Finished the front spar openings and completed the aft spar openings on the compression ribs. 130327CompressionRibAboutToBeChamfered.jpg 130327CompressionRibTestFit.jpg
03/28/13 1.5 1226.5 Finished up cutting the chamfers in the aft spar openings of the truss ribs. 130328CuttingAftSparOpenings.jpg
0402/13 1.0 1227.5 Since I was using a round bit to cut the chamfers, the corners were not done. So I used a triangle file and cleaned up the corners of the spar openings by hand and made sure each rib slides on the spars at the 7 degree angle 130402CornersCleanedUp.jpg
QTR TOTAL 32.1  
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