Pics at Moal

All aluminum body work shown on this page was done by Jimmy. Most of the cars shown are cars created by Moal, a family business producing custom coachcraft vehicles for discerning motoring enthusiasts. Also shown are Jimmy's own creations: the motorcycle and open cockpit polished aluminum roadster.

To quote the famous Ferris Bueller, "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." The quality and attention to detail of the cars produced at Moal is just unmatched.

Click here to see the Gatto by Moal.


June 2001 - Pics of the Zausner Torpedo and JR's 32 under construction.

010602_001.jpg 010602_002.jpg 010602_003.jpg 010602_004.jpg 010602_005.jpg 010602_006.jpg 010602_007.jpg 010602_008.jpg 010602_009.jpg 010602_010.jpg 010602_011.jpg 010602_012.jpg 010602_013.jpg 010602_014.jpg 010602_015.jpg

October 2001 - More pics of the Zausner Torpedo and one of Jimmy's Ducati Monster

011004_001.jpg 011004_002.jpg 011004_003.jpg 011004_004.jpg 011004_005.jpg 011004_006.jpg 011004_007.jpg 011004_008.jpg 011004_009.jpg 011004_010.jpg 011004_011.jpg

August 2002 - Zausner Torpedo completed..AWESOME! and Jimmy's bike progressing too.

020823_001.jpg 020823_002.jpg 020823_003.jpg 020823_004.jpg 020823_005.jpg 020823_006.jpg 020823_007.jpg 020823_008.jpg 020823_009.jpg 020823_010.jpg 020823_011.jpg

December 2009 - PIcs of Jimmy's car, some sort of Lotus chassis with a hot rodded Ford Cosworth motor. Also pics of the Moal Gatto.

091203_001.jpg 091203_002.jpg 091203_003.jpg 091203_004.jpg 091203_005.jpg 091203_006.jpg 091203_007.jpg 091203_008.jpg 091203_009.jpg 091203_010.jpg 091203_011.jpg 091203_012.jpg 091203_013.jpg 091203_014.jpg 091203_015.jpg 091203_016.jpg 091203_017.jpg 091203_018.jpg 091203_019.jpg 091203_020.jpg 091203_021.jpg 091203_022.jpg 091203_023.jpg 091203_024.jpg 091203_025.jpg 091203_026.jpg 091203_027.jpg 091203_028.jpg 091203_029.jpg 091203_030.jpg 091203_031.jpg 091203_032.jpg 091203_033.jpg 091203_034.jpg 091203_035.jpg 091203_036.jpg 091203_037.jpg