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N133GT is currently owned by Barry Woods since 2009.



October 2013 - Pictures from the Sacramento Mather Airshow. Having seen it in person, I can say that this airplane is even more beautiful than first built, and with more horsepower and an updated panel is simply stunning.

131006_MHR_Airshow_012.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_011.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_010.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_009.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_008.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_007.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_006.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_005.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_004.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_003.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_002.jpg 131006_MHR_Airshow_001.jpg

June 2013 - Hollister, CA


September 2012 - Pictures from the Salinas Airshow, courtesy of Igor Nitchiporovitch

130430_Igor_Nitchiporovitch_571.JPG 130430_Igor_Nitchiporovitch_557.JPG 130430_Igor_Nitchiporovitch_195.JPG

May 2011 - Congrats Barry! N133GT now back into pristine condition, with repair work done by the Sorrell Brothers and Jimmy re-working the cowl and wheel pants.

110501_IMG_2979.JPG 110501_IMG_2978.JPG 110501_IMG_2975.JPG 110501_6122.jpg 110501_2011OlympicAirshow.jpg

May 2009 - A landing mishap soon after Barry's purchase damaged N133GT