This website came alive on the web February 28, 2001. Before that, most of this content was a subsection on my other website www.AirlineBrats.com.

This website also serves as the building log of my Pitts Model 12 project.

This website is managed by me, Darin Bishop, pictured here during my first experience in command of heavy machinery:

A sidewalk tractor put together from a junk lawnmower chassis and a snowblower by my grandfather. Soon after, my Dad and I built a Briggs & Stratton powered minibike out of a couple basket cases, and I've pretty much built things on and off since. Lots of model airplanes, BMX bikes, a house and barn...now an airplane. In college I took the extra classes to get an A&P certificate while working on my degree and flight training, and its fun to finally put those skills to use.

The best thing I've been able to build so far though is my family, so the biplane project only gets worked on here and there. I try to do a little each day, but life has a way of turning a brief diversion away from the project into a lot more than a week or two. In the early years of the project while I was building the fuselage it seemed like I got most of my work done between 10pm and 2am after everyone else was in bed. That schedule fit right in with my day job, which was flying all-nighters to the east coast in 757's for United Airlines.

Nowadays I'm still flying the same schedules, but decades of fatiguing schedules have me trying to live a more normal life at home. While my progress is sometimes broken by considerable time on other things, my commitment to flying my own Pitts 12 does not waiver and it will get done.

Why the name "2wings"?   Well, when my son was 2 years old, he kept asking me if I was building a "one wings" or a "two wings" so the name stuck. Now he's 15 yrs old and has starting to help me build it, a great thing!! The 2wings.com domain name was originally registered to a company in New York that never activated their plans for it. They were kind enough to let me to have it.

Only 4 things are needed to build anything: Tools, Time, Material and Knowledge.  If you are building a biplane, hopefully this website will help you with the last one.