N112PP The Python built by Jim Kimball Enterprises

The 30th Pitts Model 12 to fly


The Python is significant because it is the first special light-weight high performance version of the Pitts Model 12. Known as the Model 12S, a single seat airplane with large ailerons and special tail feathers. A weight reduction of 150lb was accomplished though the use of carbon fiber and titanium materials where possible. With a 400hp M14PF engine and 102" diameter MT prop, the Python produces over 1800 lb of static thrust for its 1427 lb empty weight. The paint scheme and logo designs on the Python were created by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design in Italy which began a great partnership innovative aeronautical design. First flight of the Python was flown by Ben Morphew on March 21, 2006.


Pics prior to first flight

060000_PythonConcept01.jpg 060000_PythonConcept02.jpg 060300_assembly01.JPG 060300_assembly02.JPG 060300_assembly03.JPG 060300_assembly04.JPG 060300_assembly05.JPG 060300_assembly06.JPG 060300_assembly07.JPG 060300_assembly08.JPG 060300_assembly09.JPG

First flights flown by Ben Morphew on March 21, 2006

060321_FirstFlights01.jpg 060321_FirstFlights02.jpg 060321_FirstFlights03.jpg 060321_FirstFlights04.jpg 060321_FirstFlights05.jpg 060321_FirstFlights06.jpg 060321_FirstFlights07.jpg 060330_BenVerticalPython.jpg

Promotional pics after the airplane was sold to Jacob Hollander at www.Airshow.se

060622_161410.jpg 070427_193513.jpg 070427_193528.jpg 070427_195342.jpg 070427_195657.jpg 070427_195657a.jpg 070427_222553.jpg 070427_223100.jpg 070427_224131.jpg 070427_224258.jpg 080211_020909.jpg