Flying With Bob Hoyt June 2004


I flew up to PDX and got some more stick time in Bob Hoyt's Model 12. On the first flight of the day, I got a ride in a neighbor's Lancair 320 so we could take some nice airborne pictures of Bob's airplane. Next we flew the 12 over to Tillamook where I got to shoot some landings from the rear pit. I found the visibility a bit better back there and had a lot of fun learning to land it. We also toured the Tillamook air museum which had many great historical airplanes.


P6308706.JPG P6308707.jpg P6308708.jpg P6308709.jpg P6308710.jpg P6308711.jpg P6308712.jpg P6308713.jpg P6308714.jpg P6308715.JPG P6308724.JPG P6308725.jpg P6308726.jpg P6308727.jpg P6308728.JPG P6308729.jpg P6308730.jpg P6308731.JPG P6308732.JPG P6308733.jpg