N360KJ built by Jim Kimball Enterprises

The 3rd Model 12 to fly back in 1999.


Image Courtesy of Aircraft Studio Design

This aircraft was Jim Kimball Enterprises entry into the kit airplane business and has been owned by Keith Campbell as N360KC for more than 10 ten years now. This airplane is significant because it represents the first of the "Kimball HP" versions of the Pitts 12. It was also the first Model 12 to be covered with the double-cover process, and still looks great today!


These pictures show the early days of the Pitts Model 12 and N360KJ while owned by Jim & Kevin Kimball.

July1999SportAv_00.jpg July1999SportAv_01.jpg July1999SportAv_02.jpg July1999SportAv_03.jpg July1999SportAv_04.jpg July1999SportAv_05.jpg N360KJHeadOn.jpg N360KJLeftFront.jpg N360KJRightFront.jpg N360KJRightSide.jpg SA9906A.jpg St1.jpg St2.jpg St3.jpg St4.jpg St5.jpg St6.jpg St7.jpg St8.jpg 3-18A.JPG 3-18B.JPG 3-18C.JPG 3-18D.JPG 3-18E.JPG 3-18F.JPG 3-18G.JPG 3-18H.JPG 3-18I.JPG 3-26B.JPG 3-26C.JPG 3-26d.jpg 99osh4.jpg 99osh5.jpg 99osh6.jpg 99osh7.jpg 99osh8.jpg 99osh9.jpg 99osh10.jpg 32499a.jpg 32499C.JPG 32499F.JPG AD2.JPG AD3.JPG Formation4EAA.jpg Inflight4EAA.jpg Inverted4EAA.jpg